Our team offers full face traditional makeup applications for weddings and other specials events.
We also offer fully customizable liquid and powder foundation that deliver a perfect color match, as well as an entire portfolio of makeup tools and products to help you love the way you look and feel. click Here to Visit our Motives Store.

Simply put, we love makeup because:

  • It is an immediate fix that helps us communicate the mood we are in.
  • It is less committal than other changes to our look. We can always wash it off and start fresh.
  • It helps us manage our look by allowing us to highlight, correct or conceal our unique facial features.

Elevate your Makeup Game – What we offer:

Bridal and Special Occasion Makeup Applications

Our makeup application reservations are an hour long, and they include:

  • Primer & Foundation Application.
  • Eyes Makeup & Fashion Strip Lashes. We also offer Eyelash Extensions for a more custom look – Click Here to learn more about Voga’s Eyelash Extensions.
  • Eyebrow Makeup.
  • Blush, Highlighting, Bronzing & Contouring.
  • Lip Makeup.

Note: bridal parties please Click Here to learn about our bridal services and submit a proposal.
Price = $69 – $73

Custom Foundations:

Your makeup foundation creates the canvas to which all other products are applied, so it is essential that this step is done right.
When properly color-matched, your foundation should be invisible, and it should make your skin look flawless and smooth, yet not feel heavy. Many women have a hard time finding The right pre-made or off the shelves foundation for their skin type and color, which leads to unwanted results and frustration. For this reason, we have trained our team on how to use quality, concentrated raw materials and color theory principles to create fully customizable liquid and powder foundations.
With our custom foundations, we are able to deliver a perfect color-match, control the desired level of coverage and finish type, and increase the versatility of your foundation by adding modifiers and enhancers, such as: sunblock, moisturizers, oil control, mattifiers, anti-aging, and much more!

Some other custom foundation benefits are:

  • Mineral based infused with soothing botanicals
  • Oil Free
  • Talc Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Fragrance Free
  • Parabens Free
  • Highly Concentrated Pigments (twice as much, or more, than off the shelves foundations)
  • Not tested on animals

Once we create the foundation that works for you, we document your foundation formula so can replicate those results for you at any time. Call us to schedule a custom foundation appointment, and we will create for you a life changing tool that will help you look and feel beautiful everyday.

Motives Makeup Tools and Products:

Now you have 24/7 access to our entire portfolio of Motives makeup, brushes, tools, and skin care at your fingertips. When you shop from our Motives store you will earn cash back on your purchases, and receive free standard shipping on all your orders. What’s more, you will also find a portfolio of tutorials that show you step by step how to create stunning looks. Click Here to learn more about Motives Makeup, or click on the “Shop Makeup” button below to visit our Motives Cosmetics Store.