Our Mission:

Our mission is to deliver a welcoming & professional styling experience that makes our guests feel uplifted, beautiful and valued.

Our Story:

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Voga Salon is a unique concept that resulted from many hours of research, strategic planning, and creative collaboration. Its founders, Ashlee and Armando Laya, found inspiration behind the idea of running a business where success could be measured by the level of satisfaction of its customers and employees, as well as its ability to positively impact people’s lives in the community.

Ashlee, a master hair stylist and nationwide extensions educator, and Armando, a chemical engineer with a master degree in strategic business management, used synergies between their backgrounds to design a path to bring that idea into reality.

Voga Salon is a company engineered to provide quality styling services and a customer experience second to none. In case you were wondering where the name Voga came from, Voga means Style in Italian…short & catchy with meaning behind it!

Our Culture:

Our code is simple: We believe in kindness, professionalism and continuos improvement. We work with people who are genuinely nice, committed to professional growth, and highly motivated to continuously improve the value we deliver to our guests.

Enjoy the Experience, Love the Results – Be Vogaholic!