Our Company Mission


At Voga Salon our team attracts goal-driven stylist who are focused on providing high quality serviceto our loyal clientele.  Accountability, Positivity and Team Focused is a must!  Our mission is to foster a culture for our salon professionals to feel at home, be inspired to create and grow in a supportive family environment.

"Great things in any business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people."  -Steve Jobs

Did you know?
Voga Salon is the only Commission Suite Style Salon in Kansas City…

Suites are proven to grow clientele faster 
Suites provide a more relaxing experience
•Clients are secured in suite for entire appt
•Hot Tools provided for every stylist
•Stylists are more efficient with all supplies & equipment provided inside suite 
•Chemical Lines:  Keune & Redken
•Wet Line:  Amika & Eleven Australia


Voga Salon specializes at growing YOU in Niche Markets... 

•High volume hair extension salon
•Specialize in Hand Tied & Tape Extensions
•Salon owner was a national hair extension trainer for 5 years
•Lived-in Color  & Balayage focus salon
•Color Correction Specialist
•Curly Girl Cutting Specialist
•Permanent Makeup Studio Services located at Voga INK location
•Microblading/Powder Brows
•Scalp Micropigmentation
•Tattoo Removal
•Lip Blushing


Create Work-Life Balance…

-App for schedule on your phone
-Choose 2 or 3 day work week
-3 day weekends twice a month
-Level System for growth w/ attainable goals
-Full Time Salon Manager
-Social Media Manager
-Work family support when life happens

10-Week Express Associate Program

One of Voga Salon core traits has always been about creating value to our stylist through training and education. We have offered an Associate Program to train new cosmetology graduates 8 out of our 11 years.  As this industry rapidly evolves year after year with endless new color trends or #hashtags gone viral overnight, we want to give kudos to our local Cosmetology Schools in Kansas City for raising the bar on the level of education and technical skills offered to overly prepare local graduates for this highly competitive career!   Thanks to the rockstar Cosmetology Schools, our Voga educators identified that the 6-12 month long Associate Program had become a thing of the past for us, and a new Express Associate Program was created.  The Associate will be performing services from start to finish on their own clientele under the guidance of a salon educator.  

What To Expect As A Voga Associate

-Comprehensive hands-on experience designed to excel: 
*Technical Skills  
*Build Confidence   
*Salon Protocols  
*Efficient Timing
*Guest Handling  
*Client Retention  
*Social Media   
*Product Knowledge
-Color Models are pre-screened and booked for the Associate based on current color trends.
-The Art of Client Consultations:
*Checklist to Determine End Goal 
*Offer Realistic Results  *Identify Red Flags  
-The “Why” behind Color Formulation:  This is our specialty!

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