Summer Colors Coming Your Way

  When the warm weather of summer finally arrives, it’s like something inside you just lets go. After all of those months bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing you’re ready to bust loose and release your inner wild child, and there’s no better way to do just that than to go for a … Continued

New Product – No Blow Dry

  Natural hair is big and new and it’s all the rage – hair that looks and behaves just the way Nature intended. Fantastic! No more cruel heat styling techniques or chemical processing. Just embrace what Mother Nature gave you and go, safe and secure in the knowledge that you look your absolute natural best…except … Continued

April 2017 Promotions

Vogaholics, Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all the hottest new trends and promotions! As well as, sneak peeks of behind the scenes here at Voga. March seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, because somehow we have officially hit April! All of this rain has us … Continued

Healthy Hair Tips From The Pros

  No matter how much magic your stylist has in his or her fingertips, there’s only so much you can do with hair that isn’t healthy. Just as with most beauty routines, the way you care for your hair will play a big part in how your style ends up looking. Healthy hair looks and … Continued

Impatient For Spring? Fake It

  So we had an early peek at what spring weather will be like this year, and then we got a big slap of cold to remind us that it’s still winter. It can really throw you for a loop, but there is an easy way to force your way into springtime – adopt these … Continued

Lash Extensions Know-How

  Lash extensions are the ultimate in time-efficient makeup. You spend a relaxing appointment at the salon getting them applied, and then you wake up looking fantastic every day for weeks without even touching your makeup. And just like a good hairstyle, lash extensions can be tailored to meet your individual style instantly giving you … Continued

March 2017 Promotions

Vogaholics, February was a month filled with highs and lows, figuratively and then literally when it came to the temperature outside. We can only hope March will treat us even better with more consistent warm weather. Though with warm weather comes humidity, so we’ve highlighted tools in this months promotions to help keep those locks … Continued

Instant Gratification with Hair Extensions

  Remember all of those stories with a fairy godmother who instantly made dreams come true? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that happen to you? The good news is that hair extensions are the fairy godmothers of the hair styling world. They instantaneously grant your hair wishes giving you the precise length, volume and … Continued

Red Carpet Hair Tricks

  It’s that time of year again – awards season. Everywhere you look, there are images of A-Listers parading down swathes of red carpet. The fashions and the makeup and the hairstyles are almost more of a sensation than the movies, music and shows being celebrated. While most stars have a bevy of assistants looking … Continued

February 2017 Promotions

Vogaholics, The month of love has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited, we think you’re going to be just as excited as we are once you hear our news! This month we are introducing more affordable tape hair extension options that have us freaking out. We’ve also created promotions based on the products we love the … Continued

Makeup Trends Heading Your Way

While hairstyles, hair colors and fashion seem to be the big three when it comes to style trends, makeup is just as big of a player on the fashion stage. Depending upon the current trend, makeup can either play a supporting role or be the star attraction. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep … Continued

Valentines Hair Gift Guide & Promotions

Vogaholics, Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, so we’ve created a gift guide and special promotions to help you get ahead of the game. Our team put together this gift guide to help you give your loved one the hair she’s always wanted, iff you don’t see what she’s always wanted below stop by and one of … Continued

Smooth Sailing With Facial Waxing

Yes it’s cold outside, and because the calendar says that it’s winter, waxing is probably the furthest thing from your mind just now. But your face is still on full display no matter how chilly it may be, and now is not the time to stop your facial waxing regimen. In fact, if you don’t … Continued

Color In Your Winter with Trendiest Hair Colors

It’s not uncommon to feel let down after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Your logical side may be breathing a sigh of relief but your creative side is looking ahead to weeks of cold, dark winter days and even darker, and longer, winter nights. Fortunately there’s a cure for that. Now is a … Continued

January 2017 Promotions

Vogaholics, The holiday season is long and hard, we know we’re feeling the after effects, so come in for that R&R you’ve earned. Not to mention we managed to survive 2016 and now it’s time to set our plans to conquer 2017! Kicking off the new year with new hair is a great way to … Continued