Summer Colors Coming Your Way

  When the warm weather of summer finally arrives, it’s like something inside you just lets go. After all of those months bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing you’re ready to bust loose and release your inner wild child, and there’s no better way to do just that than to go for a … Continued

Color In Your Winter with Trendiest Hair Colors

It’s not uncommon to feel let down after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Your logical side may be breathing a sigh of relief but your creative side is looking ahead to weeks of cold, dark winter days and even darker, and longer, winter nights. Fortunately there’s a cure for that. Now is a … Continued

The Cuts Coming In 2017 At Voga Salon

It’s a brand new year, and the game is on to predict what we’ll see on the fashion runways and in the glossies in the coming weeks and months. There are sure to be some curve balls coming our way, but in the meantime, here are some predictions from Harper’s Bazaar about what we’re likely … Continued

Beautiful Balayage in Kansas City from Voga Salon

Are you tired of your dull looking hair? Do you wish you had lively color? Balayage is the hair color industry’s hottest new trend. For the best Balayage in Kansas City, make an appointment with Voga Hair Salon to get fresh, gorgeous looking hair. Winter is coming to an end, which means it is about … Continued

Curly hair? You need a DevaCut!

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably had at least one botched hair cut in your life and that can be miserable. At Voga Salon in Overland Park, KS, we specialize in curly hair and we’re Deva Cut certified. What does that mean to you? You’ll get a cut that’s specific to your type of … Continued