Instant Gratification with Hair Extensions

  Remember all of those stories with a fairy godmother who instantly made dreams come true? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that happen to you? The good news is that hair extensions are the fairy godmothers of the hair styling world. They instantaneously grant your hair wishes giving you the precise length, volume and … Continued

Top 5 Hair Extension Methods to Add Length & Volume.

  After multiple certifications, over a thousand hair extensions applications, and hundreds of satisfied customers, we have selected our top 5 hair extensions methods to enhance length and volume: 1. Microlink & Nano-Ring Sigle Strand Method: Strand by strand hair extensions is a technique where small single strands of hair (approximately 3mm in width) are … Continued

Hair Extensions Models

Dear Vogaholics, We are excited to announce the launch of Kansas City’s first Hair Extensions Apprenticeship Program. This is a structured training platform led by Ashlee Laya, Voga Salon’s co-founder and master extensionist, for Voga stylist to learn the art of applying hair extensions.  We are excited to congratulate Danielle Albro & Megan Brake for … Continued

Hair Extensions: Length, Volume, Color, and More!

Hair extensions are often used by movie starts to add length and rapidly transform from one style to another. However, there are lots of other uses for extensions (and you don’t have to be a diva to get the hair of your dreams). At Voga Salon in Overland Park, our owner Ashlee is a Master … Continued

Say good-bye to thinning hair with the Evolve Volumizer

If you have thinning hair, you’re not alone. Over 30,000,000 women suffer from thinning hair due to aging, hormonal issues, alopecia and thyroid problems. It’s also perfect for women recovering from chemotherapy. At Voga, we’re the only salon in Kansas City to offer the Evolve Volumizer– a wearable solution for fine and thinning hair.  The … Continued

Hair Extension Salon in Overland Park

Hair Extensions Salon: Hair extensions is one of our specialties! We enjoy helping women across the Kansas City metro area transform their look in a matter of hours. Whether is going from short to long, long to longer, add volume, add color, or all of the above, hair extensions are a great way to get … Continued

Best Hair Extensions in Kansas City

Best Hair Extensions in Overland Park, KS: Hair Extensions have become a very popular alternative for women wanting to add a touch of WOW to their hairstyle. Whether it is to achieve stunning length & volume, add color & dimension without a chemical process, or a combination of the two, this product is helping women … Continued

Microlink Hair Extensions at Voga

Microlink Hair Extensions at Voga: Hair extensions are a great tool that gives customers options to explore and customize their look in many ways We are committed to providing our customers with high quality hair extensions that minimize the impact on the integrity of their natural hair. Therefore, we only offer microlink, 100% human hair, Remy … Continued