Impatient For Spring? Fake It

  So we had an early peek at what spring weather will be like this year, and then we got a big slap of cold to remind us that it’s still winter. It can really throw you for a loop, but there is an easy way to force your way into springtime – adopt these … Continued

Makeup Trends Heading Your Way

While hairstyles, hair colors and fashion seem to be the big three when it comes to style trends, makeup is just as big of a player on the fashion stage. Depending upon the current trend, makeup can either play a supporting role or be the star attraction. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep … Continued

Motives Moment – Essential Brow Kit

Vogaholics, We’ve decided to change things up a bit when it comes to our weekly Motives Cosmetics makeup tutorial. In place of sharing a weekly “look” we are going to spotlight specific Motives products to explain their benefits, the application process and just how they will make your life a bit easier. Every Tuesday we will share with you … Continued

What’s Your Motive (Cosmetics) This Season?

Just as there’s a motive behind every action we take, there’s also a face wearing Motive Cosmetics behind every great look we see out there. And this holiday season it’s easier than ever to look your sparkling best whether you’re dancing the night away or entertaining friends and family at home. Motives Cosmetics is the … Continued