Can I use hair extensions if my hair is colored or highlighted?

Yes! if the customer's hair is colored or highlighted, we can match hair extensions to it. Our systems offer over 50 colors to choose from. Every six weeks, we will color or highlight any re-growth to match the hair extensions again.

Can I use hair extensions if my hair is straight, curly or textured?

Yes! Hair extensions come in textures from silky straight to deep curl.

How long does my hair needs to be to get hair extensions?

In order to achieve optimal results, hair should be close to shoulder length.

How long do PerfecTress hair extensions last?

PerfecTress Microlinks Strand By Strand can last up to 8 months.

What is the maintenance required for PerfecTress hair extensions?

Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks for our hair extension systems. During your maintenance appointment each micro connector is opened and shifted back to the scalp, which is the safest place for an extension to live. The farther away the micro connectors are from the scalp, the more tension and stress it will have on the hair follicle; therefore, it is very important to keep up with the scheduled maintenance appointments.

What if I don’t want length, can I get hair extensions for volume only?

YES! When referring to hair extensions most people automatically imagine long luscious hair. Hair extensions can fit many other needs and wants, such as adding color without undergoing a chemical process, or adding fabulous volume. Adding just a small amount of hair extensions can have a huge impact in your style. Our hair volume hair extensions start at only $479.

How long does it take to apply PerfecTress hair extensions?

The system we use is considered one of the most advanced and revolutionary methods on the market today. We understand your time is valuable, and the good news is that the days of being in the salon for 6-8 hours to receive a set of extensions are thankfully a distant memory. A full head lengthening service is applied in only 3 hours or less. Our volume service takes approximately 1 hour.

Are PerfecTress hair extensions reusable?

All of the hair extension systems we offer are reusable, under certain circumstances that are covered during the complimentary consultation with our Hair Extension Specialist.

Can I use a flat iron when wearing PerfecTress hair extensions?

Yes, the hair extensions we offer can be thermal styled just as you would your natural hair. Always use a non-silicone based thermal protectant while using any type of heat. You should never use any type of hot tool without a numerical temperature gauge. It is extremely important that you know the temperature you are applying in order to avoid thermal damage, not only to the extension hair but to your natural hair as well. Thermal damage will result in dry, lifeless & brittle hair.

What kind of products should I use when wearing PerfecTress hair extensions?

Although the extensions we offer are real human hair, they may not always react well to certain types of products on the market. Extension hair goes through a multi-step process which causes the hair extension cuticle to not react the same way as a person’s natural hair do. In order to properly protect your investment, it is very important to only use the approved products recommended to you by our Voga Salon Hair Extensionists. NEVER use drug store products on the extension hair!

If my natural hair is fine/thin/flat, can I still use my volumizing hair products on PerfecTress hair extensions?

No! Most volumizing products will swell the hair’s cuticle to achieve volume. By using this type of hair product it will cause the extension hair to be become dry and brittle, which will in turn result in breakage. Since the hair extension hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not receiving the hydration and nutrients from your body, as your natural hair do. Therefore, hair extension hair requires moisture in order to look its best! It is always recommended that moisturizing/hydrating professional products are used on the extension hair.

Can I color my hair while I’m wearing microlink hair extensions?

Yes! All extension clients are able to continue to color the free zones. This is the areas of hair that is not attached to the extensions, for example the crown area, temple areas around the face and the lowest area of the nape/neck. If you are a gray coverage client you are able to continue to cover your entire root areas including the areas the extensions are attached.

How do I sleep with hair extensions?

Some people are restless sleepers, which could lead to breakage and hair damage. Therefore, it is always best to wear your hair extensions in a low pony and braid the ends loosely when going to bed.

Can I wear hair extension while pregnant?

We do not recommend it. Pregnancies can cause temporary hair loss.

Can I swim with hair extensions?

We don’t recommend it. Pools contain many harsh chemicals that will dry the extension hair as well as turn blondes green (saltwater pools included). Lakes are full of “run off” which means chemicals, fertilizers and pollution. Ocean water is salt based, which is extremely drying to the hair. If you are going to swim, we advise that you do not to let your hair submerge. If your hair does become submerged in any water, it is best to wash it as soon as possible.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

At minimum, you should wash your hair extensions twice a week to keep product from building inside your bond/micro link area. Hair extensions also need the moisturizing agents from your conditioner to keep hydrated.

I work out and sweat a lot. Can I wash my hair every day?

Yes. You will need to use a deep conditioning mask, once to twice a week, to keep the extension hair moisturized. Also, we love using argan oil on our hair extensions to keep the ends hydrated! Be careful when using the argan oil, only apply from your mid shaft to the ends of the hair, and never apply close to the attachment point to avoid the chance of your link slipping out.