Let’s face it – winter is hard. It’s hard on your skin, it’s hard on your soul, and it’s hard on your hair. Cold air is by definition dry air, and dry air looks to suck out every bit of moisture it can find from wherever it can find it. Add to that spending hour after hour in arid, over heated rooms, and you have a recipe for a true hair disaster. Fortunately there’s a way to fight back against all of these dried out insults with the Chemistry Shot line from Redken.

The completely customizable Chemistry Shot line mounts a three-pronged defense for your hair. First, it builds up the internal strength of your hair with intensive proteins. Next it reinforces your hair’s cuticle with ceramides to keep it smooth and silky. And finally, it adds protection with natural lipids to resurface and defend your newly restored hair against the drying effects of winter as well as heat and chemical treatments. These specialized ingredients give you “a concentrated dose of what hair needs most.”

Perhaps the best part of this product line is its built-in customization. No matter how your hair suffers, there’s a Shot to help it heal. The Volume Shot targets fine, flat hair with thickeners and moisturizers while the All Soft Shot is a deep treatment for dry, brittle hair that’s begging for moisture and softness. For color-treated hair the Color Extend Shot offers an added layer of UVA and UVB protection against fading, and the Extreme Shot is a deep treatment for seriously weak and distressed hair suffering from exposure to chemical treatments. So it doesn’t matter if you have a simple case of winter blues or a full on chemical catastrophe, there’s a Chemistry Shot created with you in mind.

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