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The Evolve Volumizer is a wearable solution for women with fine and thinning hair or hair loss. It is a unique, semi-permanent, non-surgical hair system that provides unlimited options for both hair needs and fashion wants.

It is specifically engineered for clients with up to 50 percent hair loss in the crown, and for people with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair. This product can be a great solution for clients dealing with hair thinning due to aging, hair loss due to medical conditions, hereditary hair loss, and for cancer survivors.

The Evolve Volumizer can be worn naturally, day and night, without removing it, and it provides volume, texture, and color enhancement without the use of adhesives or chemicals.

Each Evolve Volumizer is prescribed and customized to fit individual needs and wants, by certified hair designers, creating a natural beautiful look. This is accomplished by integrating the system with strands of the client’s own hair. It provides both integration and transformation because of its unique stretchable silicone base and high quality of 100% human hair.

Installation does NOT require any shaving of existing hair and is quick, easy, and painless.It takes approximately two and half hours to install, cut and style, and can be worn naturally for up to 4 weeks, at which time a reset at the salon will be required. Voga Salon is the only salon in the entire Kansas City area certified to offer the Evolve Volumizer. 

The Volumizer is available in two types:

100% Human Hair:

  • Made with 100% high quality human hair.
  • Available in 4 textures.
  • Offered in a wide range of colors.
  • Length: 12 inches.

Alternative Blend:

  • Made with a combination of human hair and an engineered polyester fiber that reacts to styling like human hair.
  • Available in 2 textures.
  • Available in fantasy colors: pink, orange, purple and red.
  • It can withstand temperatures of up to 355F.
  • It feels, handles, reacts and blends perfectly with natural hair
  • Length: 12 inches.

Features and Benefits of the Volumizer:

  • Application is done by a certified hair professional to ensure proper installation and long-waring satisfaction. Each Volumizer is prescribed and customized to fit an individual’s needs and wants, creating a natural and beautiful look.
  • 100% hand-tied with a unique silicone base technology that is self-molding, soft, flexible, and comfortable. 
  • Allows clients to enhance Volume, Texture, and color without the use of chemicals, tape or adhesives.
  • Provides volume in the crown area, making it the perfect compliment to OUR HAIR EXTENSION SYSTEM.
  • Feels weightless, natural and comfortable, and lays totally flat to the head. Moves and feel like your real hair
  • Can be worn naturally day and night without removing for up to 4 weeks. 
  • Low daily maintenance and upkeep cost. 
  • Hair has a soft, smooth touch with flawless texture.
  • Last up to 12 months.


Extension consultations are available by appointment. During this 30 minutes session, we examine the client’s natural hair to determine if she is a good candidate for the Volumizer. This is followed by a series of questions to help us understand the customers’ vision and the look they are trying to achieve. Lastly, we explain the maintenance and upkeep requirements for hair extensions. 

If customers decides to move forward with the service, then:

  • Hair extensions paperwork is reviewed and filled out.
  • We proceed to match the color and texture of hair extensions to the customer’s natural hair.
  • A 50% deposit is required to book the service.
  • The remaining 50% is due the day of the service. 

Price: Our Evolve Volumizer services is priced at $999. It includes the hair piece, hair application & a maintenance Kit. At less than $3 per day, this is a great wig alternative that delivers beautiful results.

Maintenance Kit: Our clients receive a complimentary maintenance kit that contains a special brush and a maintenance guide. 

Maintenance Appointments: Customers are required to schedule a maintenance appointment every 4 weeks. During this appointment the volumizer is  maintained and readjusted. 

Volumizer Maintenance Price = $125.

Hair Care Tips:

Shampooing & Conditioning:

  • When shampooing and conditioning, we suggest that you use a sulfate free, mild shampoo and conditioner, recommended by your Voga Salon stylist. Do NOT use prescribed shampoos on Volumizer.
  • Shampoo and conditioning should always be done in the shower and never in the tub or sink. Before washing, brush out all tangles. (DO NOT use a brush or comb with plastic pins. ONLY use the Evolve brush provided.)
  • Wet hair thoroughly, then dispense a small amount of shampoo into your hand and rub your hands together. Apply the shampoo, via your hands, evenly throughout the scalp and ends. Gently wash the scalp using your fingertips only, without rubbing or massaging. Use your fingers in a forward and backward motion with short movements and lift the fingers as you move around the head.
  • Rinse thoroughly, squeezing the hair to remove all shampoo residue. This is a very important step!
  • A conditioner recommended by your Voga Salon stylist should be used after shampooing, following the same steps for application.
  • To maintain high lift blondes, it is important to condition often. In some cases, salon conditioning treatments may be appropriate based on lifestyle and environmental conditions.
  • DO NOT use hair regrowth treatments (Rogaine) while wearing a Volumizer.
  • Squeeze your hair with a towel to remove all moisture & apply a professional smoothing spray and detangler.
  • When hair is wet, ALWAYS start brushing or combing at the ends, working your way up to the roots.Begin by brushing the ends of your hair first,with a downward motion, and move up to the scalp. Do not use the brush at the base of your head when hair is wet, as it could rip the base of the Volumizer if carelessly done.
  • NEVER go to bed with wet hair.

Special Tips for the Natural Curl Volumizer:

  • Use your fingers to comb through the hair, this way the curls will stay nice and compact.
  • If the hair has tangles, then brush the hair from the ends upwards to the roots, in a downward direction, until tangles are removed.
  • Use a dryer with a diffuser to activate the curls and to shorten the drying time.

Special Tips for the Natural Body Wave Volumizer:

  • Scrunch damped hair optimal texture.
  • Use a hair dryer with a diffuser for maximum wave effect and to shorten drying time.
  • When drying naturally, scrunch the hair to activate the waves again. Do not play with the hair while it is drying.
  • When the hair is completely dry, run your hands through it to separate the waves.

Lifestyle Tips:

Outdoor Activies:

  • When walking, hiking, at the beach or spending long periods of time outside, it is recommended to cover the Volumizer to protect it from the sun.
  • It is not recommended to expose the Volumizer to high wind situations (motorcycles, fast boats, etc.) without covering it up with a scarf or hat.


  • NEVER wear a swimming cap, as the lapping action of the water can get beneath the cap and cause matting.
  • Before swimming, comb out any tangles.
  • Try to keep most of your head out of the water.
  • No Diving!
  • After swimming in chlorinated or sea water, rinse immediately. Condition the ends of your hair and start brushing or combing at the ends, working your way up to the roots.
  • Let hair dry naturally.
  • Wash and condition hair as soon as possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I wear Hair Extensions with the Volumizer?

Yes! They compliment each other very well. We highly recommend avoiding the use of hair extensions that are attached with adhesives, keratin bonds, or glue.

  • Can I get highlights or color services while wearing the Volumizer?

Yes; however, the volumizer has to be removed first. After color services are performed, the Volumizer is put back on.

  • How often should I brush my hair?

Brush your hair thoroughly a minimum of 2x per day with the brush provided. Begin at the base and move outward. This is important to prevent the hair from slipping back trough the holes. Every time you brush this way you are essentially retightening your Volumizer. Never brush or wash your hair upside down. To brush properly, hold the left side of the Volumizer in place while brushing the right side, then reverse the process. Always hold the base in place at the opposite side while you are brushing. Never brush or dry your hair upside down.

  • Can I get the Volumizer if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend it. Pregnancies can cause temporary hair loss.

  • Can I wear the Volumizer if my hair is short and it is in the growing phase?

Yes. For clients with short hair, the volumizer will push down the shorter hair and force it to follow the longer volumizer hair, in whichever direction its styled. If clients have problems growing their top layers (whether it is by damage or slow growth) the Volumizer is a perfect solution. Thye can now have instant longer hair and more volume, in the color they choose. With the clients hair now integrated with the Evolve Volumizer hair, it gives added protection to help the client grow out their natural hair.

  • How often do I have to get the volumizer adjusted or maintained?

The Volumizer is required to be maintained by a certified Evolve Volumizer extensionist every 4 weeks.

  • Can I wear a Volumizer if I get perm or a relaxers done?

Yes. However, The natural hair needs to rest for a period of 48 to 72 hours before the Volumizer is applied.