Styling & Hair Care Products:

We use DAVINES, Reference of Sweden (REF) and LAKME products for our clients haircare and styling needs. After much research and several trials, these these product lines were chosen for the following reasons:

  • Fantastic results: these products perform well in a wide range of applications. They deliver great results for different hair types and textures, colored and highlighted hair, and hair extension. 

  • 100% sulfate free shampoos and conditioners: Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate is a foaming agent widely used in many cosmetic products. Unfortunately, this chemical can cause a number of issues, such as: increase hair loss, skin and scalp irritation in sensitive clients, among others. 

  • Parabens Free: these lines offer a wide selection of parabens free products. 

  • Ergonomic packaging and a pleasant smell. 

In addition, we carry DevaCurl products for clients with a curly lifestyle. DevaCurl products offer the following benefits:

  • The entire line is designed exclusively for curly, wavy and chemically processed hair. 
  • It is free from harsh, dehydrating detergents
  • All products are 100% sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free. 
  • This collection contains only moisturizing and water soluble botanicals that rejuvenate, restore and respect curls’ natural order. 

Davines Products:

  • OI SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: Delicate and creamy shampoo & conditioner specifically formulated to give hair extraordinary softness, shine and body – Sulphates & Parabens Free. Shampoo pH 5.5; Conditioner pH 3.5
  • OI OIL: Formula designed to leave hair soft and shiny, whiteout weighing it down. It also provides an effective detangling and anti-frizz effect. OI Oil is formulated with active principles that have film-forming, antioxidant, and anti radical properties that help protect the hair’s structure and significantly speed up drying times.
  • OI All IN ONE MILK: Leave-in Multipurpose spray treatment for all hair types. Rich & nourishing like a cream, but very light. It detangles and conditions hair while giving it shine, softness and silkiness. In addition it controls frizz, provides hydration, volume and lightness without weighing the hair down. It favors drying by protecting hair from heat and increasing styling duration. pH 4.2

MELU: Richness & Body for Long or Damaged Hair

  • MELU SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: Formulated with active principles that have an anti-breakage and shine-enhancing action. This formula is recommended to leave long or damaged hair soft and shiny while respecting its structure. Shampoo pH 5.3; Conditioner pH 3.5
  • MELU SERUM: Formulated with active principles that have the power to repair split ends. It leaves hair soft and moisturized and prevents split ends from reforming. pH 4.5
  • MELU SHIELD: Protective Heat Shield formulated with active principles that protect hair from damage caused by hairdryers and hair irons. pH 5.0

LOVE: Softness & Smoothness for Curly & Frizzy Hair

  • LOVE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER FOR WAVY OR CURLY HAIR: Formulated with active principles that have a detangling and conditioning action. This formula is recommended to restore natural hydrolipidic balance, and to enhance curly or wavy hair by giving it body without weighting it down. Shampoo pH 5.4; Conditioner pH 3.8
  • LOVE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER FOR FRIZZY & UNRULY HAIR: Formulated with active principles that have a smoothing and softening & controlling action. It cleanse the hair and leaves it easy to comb, while contrasting the static effect and aging. Shampoo pH5.4; Conditioner pH 3.8

VOLU: Volume for limp Hair

  • VOLU SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: Formulated with active principles that have volumizing and moisturizing power. This formula is designed to delicately cleanse the hair, leaving it soft & light. Shampoo pH 5.4; Conditioner pH 3.8
  • VOLU MIST: Leave-on spray designed to volumize hair from the root without weighting it down. pH 6.0

NOUNOU: Nourishment for chemically treated and colored hair

  • NOUNOU SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: This formula emphasizes the hair’s natural tones and restores health, body, softness and shine to damaged hair, while helping prolonged hair color. Shampoo pH 5.0; Conditioner pH 4.2
  • NOUNOU PAK: Mask with active principles that have a repairing action. This formulate is designed to nourish, moisturize and protect the hair, while contrasting the static effect that causes fly-away hair. pH 3.0

MOMO: Moisture for dry and dehydrated hair

  • MOMO SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: Formula designed to moisturize the hair and leave it soft and silky, without weighing it down. Shampoo pH 5.5; Conditioner pH 3.5
  • MOMO CREAM: Cream with moisturizing, nourishing and anti-agin active principles that helps restore softness and shine. Recommended for daily use. pH 5.3
  • MOMO SERUM: Serum to enhance the shape of curly and frizzy hair. Does not weigh down the hair. Memory effect even hours later. pH 5.2
  • MOMO FLUID: Fluid that enhances styling and counteracts the destabilizing effects of humidity. pH 5.2

“MORE INSIDE”- Davines Styling Line

  • THIS IS A CURL MOISTURIZING MOUSSE: Formula for defined, bouncy curls. It is ideal for full-bodied and supple curls.
  • THIS IS A VOLUME BOOSTING MOUSSE MOUSSE: Formula for long lasting, buoyant textures. This product is ideal to give body and volume.
  • THIS IS A SEA SALT SPRAY: Formula for full-bodied, beachy looks. It is ideal to create messy styles with texture.
  • THIS IS AN INVISIBLE SERUM: Formula for satiny, tousled looks. Ideal to create a slept-in tousled effect.
  • THIS IS A RELAXING MOISTURIZING FLUID: Formula for straight, controlled looks. It is ideal for smooth, controlled styles and soft curls.
  • THIS IS A CURL BUILDING SERUM: Formula for flexible, curly looks. It is ideal to enhance curls in already wavy hair.
  • THIS IS AN OIL NON OIL: Formula for natural, tamed textures. It is ideal to moisturize and control frizz.
  • THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD MODELING GEL: Formula for full bodied, wet looks & flexible styles.
  • THIS IS A STRONG HOLD CREAM GEL: Formula for firm, polished looks. Ideal for short hair with a wet look.
  • THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD PLIABLE PASTE: Formula for thick, invisible effects for controlled styles.
  • THIS IS A MEDIUM HOLD FINISHING GUM: Formula for mat, elastic textures. Ideal for reworkable styles.
  • THIS IS A STRONG DRY WAX: Formula for defined mat textures. Ideal for defined, dry and extreme styles.
  • THIS IS A STRONG MOULDING CLAY: Formula for firm, mat finish.
  • THIS IS AN INVISIBLE NO GAS SPRAY: Formula for shape forming brushable looks.
  • THIS IS A MEDIUM HAIRSPRAY: Formula for workable, shiny looks. It is ideal for brushable, humidity-resistant styles.
  • THIS IS A STRONG HAIRSPRAY: Formula for strong, long-lasting looks.
  • THIS IS A SHIMMERING MIST: Formula for extraordinary shine. Ideal for silky and shiny looks.

REF Hair Products:


This new technology uses natural extracts of Omega-rich linseed oil and ultra emollient Tamanu oil to redefine reparative cleansing and conditioning that is very gentle and healing for hair.  Linseed oil hydrates hair, smoothing out the cuticle for softer, easier to manage hair. Tamanu oil’s superb emolliency quenches dry damaged hair, helping it to stand up to the sun, heat and wind. (REF product description brochure) 

  • MOISTURE: Formulated with intense moisturizing ingredients that hydrate the hair shaft, transforming dry and damaged hair into smoother, more manageable hair. Its easy rinse-out formula eliminates build-up and leaves hair shiny. 

  • REPAIR: Formulated as a hair reconstructor to repair hair that is dry and damaged by chemical services and thermal styling. This formula strengthens, softens and smoothes hair without dulling our fading color. 

  • SILVER SHAMPOO: A creamy shampoo with violet pigments, designed to neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones from lightened, natural or sun bleached hair. It also adds a hint of silver to grey hair. 
  • DRY SHAMPOO: A dry weightless powder spray designed to freshen up hair whilst, and add volume, firmness and texture without the need of washing. Dry shampoo is available in two colors: White (recommended for blondes) & Brown (recommended for brunettes). 
  • HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY: A lightweight spray to be used with any heat appliance such as a blowdryer, flat irons, curling irons etc. It forms a protective layer on the hair that protects it from being harmed by the heat, while providing shine and light hold. 
  • SPRAY CONDITIONER: A leave-in conditioner, enriched with nutrition, vitamins and treatment ingredients with UV-protection. It restores a healthy texture, liveliness, and manageability. 
  • MOISTURE TREATMENT MASK: An intensely hydrating treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to restore moisture, leaving the hair smoother, silkier and more manageable. 
  • REPAIR TREATMENT MASK: An intense hair reconstructor that fully mends and repairs hair that is dry or has been damaged by chemical services and thermal styling. It strengthens, rebuilds and smoothes hair without dulling or fading color. 
  • ARGAN OIL: A weightless fluid treatment for dry, tangled and flyaway hair. It penetrates the hair shaft to hydrate, strengthen, and repair hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny. 
  • SHAPER: A strong and fat-free fiber wax for high control, ideal for volume and structure. 
  • DRY FIBER: A dry fiber wax that provides great control and volume, perfect for short hairshytles. 
  • CURL POWER: A creme that gives and preserves your curls in a natural and anti-static way. It works well in wet or dry hair.
  • STAY SMOOTH: A soft silky cream that gives control and smoothens frizzy hair, leaving it soft surface and a shiny texture. Superb for creating a natural look that stays in shape. 
  • HOLD & SHINE SPRAY: A non-sticky, dual effect texturizing spray that allows you to style quickly. It gives maximum control and high shine with a natural finish. 
  • THICKENING SPRAY A spray that gives a quick boost of texture and volume to fine, thin or lifeless hair. 
  • HOLD HAIRSPRAY: A Extra hold spray for hairstyles that demand high volume. It provides control and protects against moisture. 
  • ROOT TO TOP: A spray mouse that delivers volume at the root or crown area. 

LAKME Hair Products:

  • POLISH: A Sheen spray that delivers shine, smoothness and a natural silky feel. 
  • SMOOTH & SHINE: A Sheen wax that delivers maximum shine, control, & texture to styling. 
  • SMOOTH: A temporary straightener gel that delivers long-lasting hold, thermal protection, and humidity resistance.
  • I-TOOL: A protective heat-styling active spray that delivers pliable hold, and heat protection up to 220 degrees.
  • FINISH UP: A rinse free leave-on treatment mask that delivers moisture, shine and control to the hair. 
  • SHAPE: A volumizing brushing lotion that delivers flexible, natural, long-lasting hold. 
  • FIBER PASTE: A fibrous elastic paste, ideal to mould finishes, and perfect for textured styles. 
  • FLASH: A frizz control serum, ideal to define curls, eliminate frizz on straight hair, and to achieve a smooth & shiny finish.

DevaCurl Products:

  • NO-POO: A zero lather conditioning cleanser that guarantees the healthiest, bounciest curls. 
  • ONE CONDITION: A ultra creamy daily conditioner that provides maximum hydration for all curl types. 
  • LIGHT DEFINING GEL: A light hold moisturizing and defining gel that dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair, and dries forming a moisture protective cast to enhance curls. 
  • B’LEAVE-IN: A botanically enhanced curl volumizer that enhances fullness and strength. This product is ideal for fin delicate curls. 
  • SPRAY GEL: An alcohol free, non-flaking spray gel that provides maximum curl retention, enhanced definition, lift and crunch free hold. 
  • SET IT FREE: A 24-48 hrs moisture lock that eliminates frizz, adds shine and enhances curls.  
  • STYLING CREAM: A botanically infused cream that conditions, enhances and defines curls. It provides natural hold, humidity resistance, and leaves curls moisturized and frizz free.
  • MIST-ER RIGHT: A curl refresher and scalp rejuvenator, infused with lavender, that deodorizes and revitalizes all curl types. 
  • FRIZZ FREE VOLUMIZING FOAM: An alcohol free, humidity resistant, conditioning foam for volume, curl retention and shine. It provides long lasting, incredibly soft, frizz free curls.  
  • NO COMB DETANGLING SPRAY: A lightweight, conditioning leave-in detangler that gently and instantly untangles hair, and leaves curls shiny, soft and frizz free. 
  • HEAVEN IN HAIR: A botanically drenched intensive moisture treatment that can be used weekly to condition, repair and prepare dry, color treated or damaged curls for styling. 
  • NO POO QUICK CLEANSER: A botanically infused conditioning spray that cleanses without water, instantly refreshing hair while adding texture to curls.