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Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

Hair Stylist - Level 2

Schedule & Bio

Weekly Schedule:
Alternates between Monday | Wednesday | Friday & Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday.
3 Facts About Me:
  • It is important to me to clearly understand the hairstyle that my clients want. I ask lots of questions to help me visualize it, and then we work together to figure out the best approach to fit their vision, budget & lifestyle.
  • I love to research and stay on top of changes in the industry. It is important for me to learn new trends, styles and techniques that allow me to be a good resource for clients.
  • I enjoy educating my clients on the "what-why-how" behind haircare and hairstyling products. Understanding what products & tools to use, as well as how to use them, makes it easier for my clients to duplicate the in-salon look at home, and it helps them maintain a healthy hairstyle!
Certifications & Continuing Education:
  • Rooted Blondes by Redken Exchange Educator Tara Gardiner: Training on techniques to deliver a rooted look with for highlighted guests.
  • Hands-on Hair Design Training with Celebrity Hairstylist Sam Villa: Training on techniques to create disconnection in bob haircuts, with the intention to add movement and texture without loosing its shape, and on a wide range of braids and hair designs.
  • Color Correction Training with Redken Exchange Educator Julie Lahr: Training on methods to safely remove cosmetic color, color removers, and re-pigmentation.
  • Short Haircuts, Razored & Textured Designs with Redken Exchange Educator Brian Bowman: Advanced training in razor cutting to create textured haircuts, compressed haircutting techniques, interior layering to add or remove volume, and road maps to transition long hair to a pixie haircut.
  • L'Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Certification: Training on consultation, application and prescription for L'Oreal Professionnel's new hair repair technology - Pro Fiber.
  • Babylights and Color Paneling by Redken Exchange educator Jerric Fruits: Training on fine balayage techniques to create a subtle, sun-kissed effect.
  • Hotheads Tape Hair Extensions Certification: Training on the application and maintenance of Tape Hair Extensions by Hotheads.
  • Advance Curly Hair Training with International Redken Exchange Educator Marilyn Rose: Training on how to identify natural curl patterns, haircutting techniques for each curl pattern, and on appropriate techniques to apply haircare and hairstyling products without disrupting the curl.
  • Pureology Pureform Haircutting Class: Training on creating a roadmap to transition hairstyles from long to short, and different haircutting and texturizing techniques for short and disconnected hairstyles.
  • Long Bobs (LOBS) and Textured Hair Designs with NYC Redken Exchange Educator Jesse Linares: Training on haircutting techniques to create different variations of long bobs, and texturizing techniques for shorter hair designs.
  • Advance Balayage Training with NYC Redken Exchange Educator Julie Lahr: Training on French and American Balayage techniques.
  • Advanced Redken Color Technology & Application by Tara Gardiner: In-depth training on color theory & Redken Color Technology to achieve a wide range of color results.
  • 2015 Redken Symposium - Las Vegas: Wide range of color classes covering new trends, tools & color technology.
  • Balayage & S’Ombre Class: Training on Balayage application techniques to deliver natural highlights (hand-painted) and S'Ombre Styles.
  • Bobs & Pixies Haircut Class by NAHA Winner Ryan Teal: Training on cutting, blending and texturizing techniques used to deliver popular bob styles and Pixie haircuts.
  • Redken Blonde Obsessed by Jerric Fruits: Training on high-lift blondes and lighteners.
  • Davines "Mask" & "A New" Color Class: Training on color theory and color formulation using Davines Mask & A-New Color Systems.
  • Davines "Essential Haircare" & "More Inside Styling Line" in-depth Class: Training on prescribing, application, and layering of Davines Haircare & Hairstyling products.
  • Sexy Hair Hollywood Bombshell: Training on forever inspired old Hollywood haircuts and styles.
  • Davines "Mask" & "A New" Color Class: Training on color theory and color formulation using Davines Color System.
  • Davines "Essential Haircare" & "More Inside Styling Line" in-depth Class: Training on prescribing, application, and layering of Davines Haircare & Hairstyling products.
  • L'Oreal Professional Color: In depth color theory and grey coverage training.
  • Kevin Murphy Products and Styling: Training on prescribing styling products ideal to create classic waves & curls.
  • GK Hair Taming System: Training on the selection and application of GK Smoothing System
  • Blending & Fading for Men Haircuts & Short Hairstyles: Specialty barbering blending techniques that deliver lines-free short styles and smooth blending.

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