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Hair Stylist - Level 2


Weekly schedule alternates between M,W,F & T,Th,S

Monday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 5pm

Certifications & Continuing Education

Rooted Blondes by Redken Exchange Educator Tara Gardiner: Training on techniques to deliver a rooted look with for highlighted guests.
Hands-on Hair Design Training with Celebrity Hairstylist Sam Villa: Training on techniques to create disconnection in bob haircuts, with the intention to add movement and texture without loosing its shape, and on a wide range of braids and hair designs.
Color Correction Training with Redken Exchange Educator Julie Lahr: Training on methods to safely remove cosmetic color, color removers, and re-pigmentation.
Short Haircuts, Razored & Textured Designs with Redken Exchange Educator Brian Bowman: Advanced training in razor cutting to create textured haircuts, compressed haircutting techniques, interior layering to add or remove volume, and road maps to transition long hair to a pixie haircut.
L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Certification: Training on consultation, application and prescription for L’Oreal Professionnel’s new hair repair technology - Pro Fiber.
Babylights and Color Paneling by Redken Exchange educator Jerric Fruits: Training on fine balayage techniques to create a subtle, sun-kissed effect.
Hotheads Tape Hair Extensions Certification: Training on the application and maintenance of Tape Hair Extensions by Hotheads.
Advance Curly Hair Training with International Redken Exchange Educator Marilyn Rose: Training on how to identify natural curl patterns, haircutting techniques for each curl pattern, and on appropriate techniques to apply haircare and hairstyling products without disrupting the curl.
Pureology Pureform Haircutting Class: Training on creating a roadmap to transition hairstyles from long to short, and different haircutting and texturizing techniques for short and disconnected hairstyles.
Long Bobs (LOBS) and Textured Hair Designs with NYC Redken Exchange Educator Jesse Linares: Training on haircutting techniques to create different variations of long bobs, and texturizing techniques for shorter hair designs.
Advance Balayage Training with NYC Redken Exchange Educator Julie Lahr: Training on French and American Balayage techniques.
Advanced Redken Color Technology & Application by Tara Gardiner: In-depth training on color theory & Redken Color Technology to achieve a wide range of color results.
Balayage & S’Ombre Class: Training on Balayage application techniques to deliver natural highlights (hand-painted) and S’Ombre Styles.
Bobs & Pixies Haircut Class by NAHA Winner Ryan Teal: Training on cutting, blending and texturizing techniques used to deliver popular bob styles and Pixie haircuts.
Davines “Mask” & “A New” Color Class: Training on color theory and color formulation using Davines Mask & A-New Color Systems.
Davines “Essential Haircare” & “More Inside Styling Line” in-depth Class: Training on prescribing, application, and layering of Davines Haircare & Hairstyling products.
DevaCurl Class: a specialty haircutting technique, and line of products, designed for curly hair styling needs.
Davines Color Correction Class: Advance color theory, & techniques to safely remove existing color molecules while minimizing impact on hair structure.
L’oreal Professional Color Class: Training on color blocking & techniques to achieve the Ombre effect.
Surface Indie Seminar: Training on special occasion styling & updos, as well as advanced haircutting techniques & blending.
Scruples Classes: Training on various foil placement techniques, Ombre effect, and color correction formulations. It also included a module that covered updos & styling techniques for big, sexy hair.
Discover Show: Training on styling techniques for special occasion curls & updos by Bio-ionic. Clippers training on short sides pixie haircuts, blending & fading by Wahl.
Advanced Blending & Fading for Men Haircuts & Short Hairstyles: Specialty barbering blending techniques that deliver lines-free short styles and smooth blending.
REF Styling & Finishing: Styling tips and product layering/cocktailing for popular looks using REF products.

Top 3 Favorite Services to Perform

Highlight Services: As a blonde myself, I love showing guests how to join the blonde club. Whether it is by just brightening their haircolor a tiny bit, or by lightening them to a new look of blonde locks! I also enjoy trying out new foil patterns to change up someone's look, and create a game plan for a beautiful and dimensional look.
Pixies and Short Hair Designs: I love them because they are challenging and require lots of precision. It is also very fun to chop off hair to create a new and fun look that's versatile and still very feminine!
Balayage Color Designs: Balayage can be used in so many different ways, it’s amazing! Whether a guest and I are trying to go for a more subtle, softer and natural design, or going for a bold and daring look, this color technique allows me to deliver a fully customized and beautiful hairstyle.

3 Facts About Me

  • As an individual, I am a very caring & loving person; and as a professional, I strive at customer service. It is important to me that my clients feel pampered, and enjoy their overall experience.
  • I make it a priority to get to know my clients and understand their vision. I like to ask a lot of questions & offer insightful feedback to help them achieve a look they absolutely love.
  • I love what I do, and take my career seriously. I am professional, detail oriented and accountable. I enjoy earning my clients’ trust.

Favorite Haircare & Styling Aids:

  • Pureology Piecing Sculpt: It is a perfect tool for any pixie or short hairstyles, and it works great for both women and men styles. I love the hold it gives and the texture it provides. Also, it gives a nice amount of shine!
  • Pureology Silk Bodifier: This mousse is one of the most common hair care tools I use on our guests to achieve long lasting volume. It comes out real whipped and it makes everyones hair feel soft, but with lots of volume. It will also help protect and maximize the vibrancy of your hair color.
  • Pureology Strength Cure Fabulous Lenghts: This tool is simply awesome! The majority of women like long hair, but it is also important to keep it healthy. Anyone who owns a curling iron, flat iron and a blow dryer knows how difficult it can be to maintain your ends healthy while growing your hair out. Its formula protects and strengthens the hair fibers, and helps reduce breakage. Just a small amount applied to the ends regularly can make your hair feel very soft and strong.


I love sharing time with my family. I recently moved here from St. Louis, so I enjoy going home for a visit when possible. I also enjoy working out with my fiancé and going on runs with him. Lastly, I am totally addicted to Pinterest!!

Customer Reviews

Voga Salon
I LOVE this place! Missy always does an amazing job. I always leave very happy with my hair and the products she recommends!”
Voga Salon
I absolutely adore Voga. I have seen Missy twice and she is awesome. She actively listens to your description, adds great advice to get the look you want, and works well with pictures, referring to them often (I always bring in pictures of what I want). I have been very satisfied with my service at Voga and the pricing for a haircut and style for the high quality service you receive is incredible! Plus the place is totally cute and professional! Thanks Voga!
Voga Salon
Missy is always ready to listen to my needs/wishes. She does provide professional advice based on my hair type and ALWAYS hits a homer with the results. Love her!!!!