When the warm weather of summer finally arrives, it’s like something inside you just lets go. After all of those months bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing you’re ready to bust loose and release your inner wild child, and there’s no better way to do just that than to go for a new hair color. Whether your summer personality is more like Janis Joplin or Mary Poppins, there’s something for everyone in this summer’s hair color trends.

Summer is synonymous with blonde, but blonde is so much more than just a single color. There are cool blondes with names like creamy ginger and smoked taupe as well as the warmer honey blondes. And let’s not forget the pastel combinations like strawberry and peach. These mixtures of blonde with either red or pink can work for just about everyone. They are also great ways for a natural blonde or a natural redhead to get a bit experimental with their color.

For real blonde bombshell drama there’s the classic platinum. It’s a head-turning white blonde but it will need a bit of TLC to keep it looking its best. If you’ll be spending time either at the beach or beside the pool, be sure to keep it covered when out in the summer sun. You’ll also want to invest in a shampoo specially formulated to remove chlorine to avoid going brassy or, heaven forbid, green.

No matter what color you’ve chosen for your primary hair color, you can easily add some depth to it with dimensional highlights. It’s a technique that mixes either warm or cool tones with neutrals and reflective colors and placed precisely for added definition. Brunettes will love this as a way to cool down their color by adding soft mink tones.

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