4 Great Summer Haircuts For Men

4 Great Summer Haircuts for Men

Guys, if the summer heat has you ready to shed some layers to cool off, the first layer you should consider is your hair. A simple haircut is a quick and easy way to uncover more body surface area to help keep you cool. And you can legally bare your head anywhere, even where a shirt and shoes are required. Let’s take a look at the best men’s haircuts for summer for a little inspiration.


For a cool, low-maintenance summer cut, go with a buzz cut. Are super short cuts not really your thing? You can balance things out with your facial hair. A very short, neatly trimmed beard can give the illusion of more hair, without the heat. You aren’t limited to a classic buzz, however. You can go a little longer on top or do a gradual fade from top to bottom. The only maintenance with this cut is a touch up every 4 weeks.

Best of Both Worlds

Want to mix it up a little more? Ask your stylist to undercut the back and sides of your hair. Whether your hair is short or medium length, straight or curly, this style will work for you. This cut gives you the best of both worlds with a super short cut on the sides and back while you keep your length on top. If you don’t like a stark contrast of lengths ask for a fade undercut. 


A pompadour offers versatility. The shorter sides and bottom allow you to catch a breeze, while a medium length on top can be styled for a bit of volume. If your hair has a bit of natural wave, this style would be perfect for you. This cut spans all fashion styles and looks great on anyone. With the added length on top, you can slick it back, flip it to the side, or part however you’d like. You could even add some styling products and spike it if you want.

Keep it Classic

If a classic cut is more your thing, you can still shed a couple of inches to cool off. Whether you prefer a French crop or a side part we can update your shape a bit and take everything a little shorter for a cooling effect. The trick is to make sure that the style and length complement your features.

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