A Perfect Gray Coverage Solution For Men

A Perfect Gray Coverage Solution for Men

Men’s Color, two words that don’t typically go together in a guy’s mind. That’s because we are used to thinking of hair color as a woman’s thing, something they go spend hours at a hair salon doing.

Now, if you are guy in your 30’s or 40’s and you still have hair, I have something to tell you: consider yourself lucky! We take having a clean hairstyle for granted in our earlier years, but did you know that over 40% of men over the age of 35 experience noticeable hair loss? So, hair on your head after the age of 35 is an asset my dudes. It is an asset because it can help us stand out, and feel confident about our image. The same way your nice suits, watch, or that fancy car makes you feel on point, a fresh hairstyle will build you up and make you feel like a million bucks.

But what happens when our hair starts turning gray and wisdom highlights keep taking over, making you look like an older version of how you feel inside? A little bit of gray is kind of cool, right? Except when those things start spreading all over like a wild, white fire that makes us look old, not so much.

My guess is that you are probably thinking that coloring your hair won’t look natural and if you do it everybody will know you did it, right? It’s a valid argument, because if you are in your 40’s you are supposed to have some grays and if you don’t it can look like you are wearing a hairpiece. You have also probably heard women in your life talk about all the time they spend to get their hair colored and there is no way that you will spend all that time on it. Been there done that, but what if I told you that there is an easier way? Even though I had a serious case of gray taking over at just 35, I refused to consider coloring it for those reasons above. But, everything changed when I found out about men's Color Camo.

Color Camo is a custom gray camouflage system that partially covers our gray color, and blends it with our natural pigmented hair to deliver a smooth transition into a younger look. Best of all is that it only takes about 10 minutes to process! Now, keep in mind that this system is ideal for men who are about 60% gray or less, since you will need some natural pigmented hair to blend it with.

I used it once and I was sold. I like it because it freshens up my hairstyle and it looks natural, so I was not self-conscious about the color. A good way to describe it is this: imagine your gray hair is like the windows in your car on a sunny day. Putting traditional color in your hair is like blacking the windows out, but using Color Camo is is sort of like tinting them. You can tell there is a change, and it looks better than it did before!

If you get something out of this today, it is to remember that your hair is an asset! Get a good men’s haircut, line-up up your beard, and take care of those grays with Color Camo. If you live in the Kansas City area, we can help you out! Voga is located in south Overland Park, we specialize on hair color, and our staff trains on barbering techniques to keep you looking fresh! 

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