Gorgeous Updos For Special Occasions

Gorgeous Updos for Special Occasions

The most popular hairstyles for special occasions are classic updos. Updos can be professional, fun, or romantic, so whether it’s a formal event or a night out with friends there is an updo that is perfect for the occasion. Here are some styles to consider for your late summer and fall events.

Classic French Twist

The French Twist is a classic that is created by twisting your hair up the back of your head in an upward spiral motion. Secure it with pins and dress it up with various hair accessories to suit the occasion. Ends can be tucked in for a smooth professional look or left untucked at the top and curled for a softer romantic look.

A Sleek and Romantic Chignon

The word chignon in French literally means hair bun, but this style is so much more than just a bun. This special type of bun is worn low on the head and when worn tight gives a very sleek and polished look. If you prefer you can wear it loose and flowy for a more romantic look. Weave in some pearls or sprigs of flowers to give it a special flare.

Vintage Style

Give your updo a vintage feel with some pin curls and/or victory rolls. They can add a classy retro touch to virtually any updo to help you really make an impression. Match your outfit to the style for an even more eye-catching effect.

Beautiful Braids

Braids are one hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. There are so many styles of braids and ways to wear them that there is an option that is perfect for every occasion. A French braid is polished and professional for that office party, and a milkmaid braid crown is the perfect romantic style for date night or even a wedding.

Flowing Waves

For a more casual special occasion, you might choose the loose flowy look of beachy waves. This works perfectly with a partial updo with the top and sides swept up and secured at the crown allowing the waves to flow in the back. For a slightly more formal look allow some of the waves to fall loosely at the sides of any full updo.

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