Makeup Trends For Spring And Summer

Makeup Trends for Spring and Summer

As temperatures rise, your wardrobes will change. Warmer clothing gets swapped out for their light counterparts. The darker and more neutral colors get put in the back and colors that better match the blooming flowers and bright atmosphere are moved front and center. The same happens with makeup. You might be wanting a change in your usual style or maybe you’ve never done much with makeup and are looking to experiment, here are some trends for this year.

Monochromatic Theme
Makeup themes are a thing but it’s not based on color schemes but rather just one color. The good thing about this is that you won’t have to figure out what shades compliment each other. Softer colors like pinks and peachy oranges are a great go-to but don’t be afraid to branch out. Work the colors into your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Bold Liner
If you’re wanting to draw attention to your eyes this is perfect for you. Stray away from the usual black and brown liners and pick colors such as bright blue and vibrant purple. Experiment with line thickness and even shapes for unique outcomes. With such a bold liner, you don’t need to worry about lips except maybe a clear or tinted gloss if desired.

Glossy Look
With glossy makeup, your skin will glisten in the sun. It could be clear or colored but typically the colors are sheerer. If choosing the colored option, go for pastels, a common go to would be peachy tones. If you're concerned about the sticky feel don’t worry the trend has ushered in products with thoughtful formulas that allow easy wear for extended wear.

Natural Brows
It’s a drastic change from the popular thick and heavily drawn out brows you’ve seen on platforms like Instagram. Use brow gel to brush them out, add subtle thickness and if you’re wanting to darken them just a bit tinted, gels are available.

This last bit isn’t a trend but a necessity, make sure you have the needed sun protection! Healthy skin is always in season so be mindful and protect it from harsh UV rays this spring/summer the best you can.

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