Men’s Haircut Trends For 2020

Men’s Haircut Trends for 2020

Guys, have you been sporting the same haircut for ages? Would you like to try something different but don’t know where to start? If you’re ready for a change in the year ahead, we’re here to help with a few ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the trends in men’s haircuts for 2020.

Pompadour Fade

This is a great haircut for those who want some vertical volume but still want a short clean-cut appearance. The Pompadour Fade gives you upswept volume on top and then fades on the sides and back for the best of both worlds.

Ivy League

Once very popular in years past, the Ivy League is making a comeback. This variation of a crew cut leaves the hair in front long enough to be combed with a side part while the crown is cut short and fades toward the hairline.

High Fade with Side Brushed Top

Longer and side brushed on the top front with a high fade starting near the crown, the High Fade with Side Brushed Top gives you a very neat and well-groomed look.

Buzz Cut

If you are looking for an extremely low maintenance cut, the Buzz Cut is the one for you. You’ll always look polished and professional without even so much as a comb. This is truly a wash-and-go style.

Combover with Taper Fade

This style has a tapered cut on both sides that fades toward the hairline. Longer hair on top is comb styled to the side. It’s perfect paired with a short neatly trimmed beard to give businessmen a respectable manly appearance.

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