The Things You Need To Know About Emergency Tattoo Removal

The Things You Need To Know About Emergency Tattoo Removal

When it comes to permanent makeup, you have to consider the quality of the service you are getting. You may find yourself a bit worried about how well your appointment will go, and what-if scenarios will have you wondering what options there are available if your look doesn’t turn out quite right. Should you find yourself in the hands of someone who doesn’t quite know what they are doing with your look, you very well may find yourself a bit desperate for quick and easy removal of their less-than-impressive technique. This is where emergency tattoo removal comes in! Even if you did find an artist whose talents were sub-par, you can rest easy knowing that it is possible to get them removed quickly.

What Is Emergency Tattoo Removal?

Emergency tattoo removal is a technique of tattoo removal that was developed within the past five years due to clients coming in looking for help in removing botched brow jobs quickly. As we are sure you are aware, most people do not like to go around town with odd-looking brows, or any part of their face being subject to amateur permanent makeup artists. So it is quite a relief for people when they realize that they can, in fact, get these removed quickly. Now, it does have to be done quickly after the initial tattoo has been done. You should not wait longer than 48 hours after you received it to get an appointment for removal, or the epidermal crust will form and make it difficult or even impossible to remove it so fast. You can push upwards of 72 hours if you are lucky, however, the recommended time frame with the best results is within two days of the service.

How Safe Is The Procedure?

One concern you may have about this technique is that it may sound too good to be true. Well, believe it- it is true, and it is perfectly safe. This procedure is able to be done without needles, and without any extra harm to the skin- using a special technique to lift the pigment out of the skin. The process is gentle, so you do not need to worry about the effects it will have on your already compromised skin.

Does This Work On All Tattoos?

Yes, it does. It is designed to lift pigment out of the skin, and it does not discriminate on where it is on the body or the color of the ink. This can be used to fix permanent makeup looks, and body tattoos that did not come out quite to your liking.

How Do People Learn About Emergency Tattoo Removal?

If you are worried about whether someone is professionally trained in the art of emergency tattoo removal, know that there is specific training that anyone who offers the service needs to go through in order to finally become licensed. To get this training they must take courses from a top-of-the-line academy, so you know anyone offering this service knows what they are doing.

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