Tips For Safe & Successful Halloween Makeup

Tips for Safe & Successful Halloween Makeup

If you’re one of those that “really” celebrates Halloween – I mean shows up at the office party all made up and even unrecognizable, buys or rents your costume from a Halloween shop, or even just enjoys going all out with your makeup to scare the pants off those little kids that come to the door .... makeup is one of those details that can make or break a costume.

Voga Salon have professional makeup artists who can make your Halloween wishes come true and can transform you into whatever you desire to be. However, sometimes it isn’t feasible to come in for a complete Halloween makeover, and that is ok too.

Here are some makeup tips and techniques for you to make this Halloween a memorable one.

Safety Advice:

  • Perform a skin test on new products 24 hours before applying to look for any negative reactions. Use hydrocortisone cream is a mild rash develops.
  • Use only approved makeup for the face. They will show as FDA certified if using face paint.
  • Do not use liquid latex around the eyes. This adhesive is ammonia-based and the vapors can irritate the eyes.

Tips & Tricks

  • If your costume goes over the head, consider getting dressed first and cover your costume with a towel or apron when applying your makeup and adding any final touches to your hair.
  • Start with a clean face. Use cold water to rinse away the astringent to minimize pores.
  • Consider adding a very thin layer of petroleum jelly to make removing your makeup at the end of the night easier.
  • Apply your makeup in good lighting.
  • Apply thin coats of each color and let dry completely in between layers. You can use your hair dryer set at the lowest setting to shorten the drying time.
  • If using makeup to create texture, using a makeup brush can create a smooth look, or dabbing the skin with the brush can give a textured look to the skin. For more texture, consider a coarse texturing sponge.
  • Dusting a fine layer of baby powder over your finished face will help set the makeup and keep sweat from ruining your makeup as the night wears on.

Whether you decide to let our makeup artists transform your Halloween look into something magnificent, or you choose to do it yourself, have a safe Halloween! When it’s time for that formal look, hair color change, style, or blowout, make an appointment at Voga Salon. Our well-trained, professional colorists are ready to consult with you to design the perfect look for your individual style! Find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park or give us a call at 913.685.1832. You can also instantly make your own appointment with our convenient mobile app available for free on iTunes or Google Play




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