Want To Donate Your Hair? Consider Locks Of Love!

Want to donate your hair? Consider Locks of Love!

After receiving many inquiries & questions about Locks of Love and their guidelines, we decided to create a page to highlight important information about the organization, as well as guidelines for hair donations. All the information below was extracted from informational flyers sent to us by Locks of Love in December 2013. For more information, please visit

What is Locks of Love?

Locks of Love is a non for profit organization that provides quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss. Most recipients have lost their hair due to an unto-immune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no know cause or cure. Other suffered severe burns, radiation treatment, or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.

Locks of Love Hairpieces Description:

Approximately 150,000 hairs are injected by hand into the silicone base, all of them from donated ponytails. These custom-made, vacuum fitted hairpieces do not require tape or glue. Instead, they fit like a suction cup, displacing air underneath to create a vacuum seal.Each hairpiece takes four months to complete.

Locks of Love Hair Donation Guidelines:

  • Hair must be 10 inches or longer, measured from tip to tip.
  • Hair must be clean & dry.
  • Hair must be bundled in a braid or ponytail.
  • Hair must be free from bleach.
  • Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable.
  • Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been storied in a ponytail or braid.
  • Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches, and may be divided into multiple ponytails.
  • Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.
  • Hair that has been bleached (highlighted hair) is not usable.
  • Hair that is swept off the floor is not usable because it has not been cut while bundled in a ponytail or braid.
  • Hair that is shaved off and not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. You may divide your hair into multiple ponytails, and cut each one off before continuing to shave.
  • Dreadlocks, wigs, hair extensions or synthetic hair is not acceptable.

Special Notes:

  • Shorter hair (6 – 10 inches) will be separated from the 10 inches longer lengths, and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs.
  • Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset the manufacturing costs.
  • Colored hair is not usable if it is colored over bleached hair.

How to Send Locks of Love Donations:

  • Place your dry ponytail or braid in a resealable plastic bag.
  • Place resealable plastic bag in a padded envelope.
  • If you wish to receive a personalized thank you card, please fill out Locks of Love Hair Donation Form, or write your name and address on a full size separate sheet of paper and include inside the envelope. Do not staple or wrap donation form around the bag.
  • Send donation to the following address: 234 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL. 33405


Receive $10 OFF a Haircut, Shampoo & Blowout when donating your hair. You will also receive a $10 Gift Certificate for your next appointment!


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