What Is Microblading: Process, Benefits, Cost, Risks, Pain & More...

What is Microblading: Process, Benefits, Cost, Risks, Pain & More...

What is Microblading: Process, Benefits, Cost, Risks, Pain & More...

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique that has gained popularity for its ability to provide fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. It involves using a fine, blade-like tool to deposit pigment into the upper layers of the skin, creating the appearance of individual hair strokes. This detailed process enhances the eyebrows' shape and fullness, offering a long-lasting alternative to daily eyebrow pencils and powders.

Is Microblading a Tattoo?

Although microblading is similar to tattooing, it differs in several key aspects. Microblading pigments are implanted into the basal membrane which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin. This is shallower than the depth used in traditional tattooing, which is why microblading is considered semi-permanent and requires a touch-up “perfecting” session 6 weeks after the initial service.

Is the Touch-Up Appointment Required?

Yes, the touch-up session is required 6 weeks after the initial procedure to fill in any areas where the pigment may not have taken hold and to adjust the shape and color if needed.The touch up is the most important part of the entire service!

Who is a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Individuals with thin, sparse, or patchy eyebrows often find microblading an attractive option. It's also popular among those who have lost their eyebrows due to medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy. The ideal candidate is someone in good health, without skin conditions that affect healing, like eczema or psoriasis in the brow area.

Is Microblading Only Good for Thin Brows?

While it's an excellent solution for enhancing thin brows, microblading can benefit anyone looking to define, reshape, or fill gaps in their eyebrows. It's not limited to those with thin brows; it can also add dimension to already full brows needing more definition.

Can Microblading Fix Uneven Eyebrows?

Microblading can indeed be a solution for uneven eyebrows. A skilled technician can design a more symmetrical look by adding strokes to balance the shape of both brows.

Microblading for Blondes?

Microblading is suitable for blondes as well. Technicians can use pigments that complement lighter hair colors to create a natural look.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading typically lasts between 18 to 30 months, after which color boost touch-ups are needed to maintain the color intensity and shape of the brows.

Will Microblading Fade?

Microblading will fade over time. Depending on factors like skin type, exposure to sunlight, and skincare routines, it typically lasts 1-3 years before a color boost touch-up is needed.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

The cost of microblading varies depending on the location, the technician's experience, and the complexity of the procedure. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1000 for a session.

How Do I Prepare for a Microblading Appointment?

Preparation typically involves avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and blood-thinning medications for 24 to 48 hours before the procedure to minimize bleeding. It's also recommended to avoid sun exposure, which can inflame the skin.

What Happens During a Microblading Appointment?

The appointment begins with the technician mapping out the desired brow shape based on your facial structure. Once you approve the shape, a topical anesthetic is applied, and the microblading process begins. The entire procedure usually takes between 2 to 3 hours.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Most people report a scratching sensation with minimal discomfort due to the topical anesthetic applied before and during the procedure. However, some may have slight discomfort.

Does Microblading Require Aftercare?

Yes, proper aftercare is crucial for the longevity and appearance of your microbladed brows. It includes keeping the area dry, avoiding makeup on the brows, and applying any prescribed ointment to assist with healing.

How Long do Microbladed Brows Take to Heal?

The healing processtake4 weeks. Initially, the brows will appear darker and more defined but will fade to a more natural look as they heal.

Is Microblading Safe?

Microblading is a largely safe procedure, but like any cosmetic treatment, it is always important to understand the risks involved with the procedure. These can include infection if proper sterilization isn't practiced, allergic reactions to the pigment, or dissatisfaction with the end results.If done incorrectly, microblading can lead to scarring or an unnatural appearance.It's crucial to choose a reputable, certified professional to minimize risks.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn't Get Microblading?

Individuals with certain skin conditions, those who are pregnant or nursing, or those undergoing chemotherapy should avoid microblading.

Will Microblading Work on Oily Skin?

Oily skin types will experience fast fading, discoloration and blurring of the pigment therefore it is not recommended for oily skin.

Can Microblading Cause Hair Loss?

There is no evidence to suggest that microblading causes hair loss. The process targets the skin beneath the brow hair and should not affect the hair follicles.


Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that can significantly enhance the look of your eyebrows. It requires minimal maintenance and can save time in your daily beauty routine. By understanding what microblading entails and following pre- and post-care instructions, you can enjoy beautiful, natural-looking brows for approximately up to two years.

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