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Keune Blend Shape

Brand: Keune
Product Code:KBSHAPE
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  • $24.00

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Keune Blend Shape All Blend Stylers can be mixed together for the perfect styling cocktail to creating a style to suit every mood, mode and moment.  air is about mixing it up and creating a style to suit every mood, mode and moment. That’s where Blend comes in. It’s top-shelf mixology for hair that’s going places.

What it does

The go-to texturizing cream for short, sweet hair. It’s perfect for creating unique, funky ‘dos. Change your mind? Your hair remains easy to restyle.

Why it's great

  • Multi Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair.
  • Ozokerite, a hard mineral wax, gives hair body and structure.
  • Special polymers provide fixation.
  • Hair remains pliable for easy restyling.
  • Excellent for creating special effects on short styles.

    How to use

    Rub a little product between the palms of your hands and crunch, shape, and style dry or damp hair as desired.

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