Danielle Albro

Danielle Albro

Specializes In: Color Corrections, Tape Hair Extensions, Micro Link Hair Extensions, Babylights, Teasylights, Gray Coverage, Curly Hair, Educator

Currently accepting new clients for the following services: 

All Color Services, Hair Extensions

Guests Reviews:

"My consultation with Danielle was awesome! She answered ALL my questions with sincerity, honesty and compassion. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her job, products and clients! My first impression of the studio and the people who work there is FANTASTIC! Thank you for your excellent service." Lorie K.

"Very skilled colorist and understanding of how my hair reacts to color and what it needed to revive my hair. No cut this time but when I got back to my office my team was amazed at the color and how it worked with my skin tone. Danielle was awesome. Thanks to Nicole for recommending you." Char M.  

"I have not had any negative experiences in my 3 years at Voga. I love my hairdresser, Danielle A., and the salon itself. The salon itself is inviting and comfortable. My stylists is a color expert who has done an amazing job on my hair and listens to what I want, she doesn't try change my mind." Anastasia U.

"I got in for an emergency service after someone (not sure who, when, or where) cut a large chunk of my hair off. Danielle was so kind, took time to explain everything, and was able to blend my hair where you can no longer tell where the chunk was cut out. My hair is refreshed and the color turned out so natural. She completely turned this horrible situation from a negative to a positive. Thank you! You have earned yourself a regular, Voga team." Krissy W.

"I have been going to Danielle for several months now after a major issue with another stylist at another salon. My hair was being damaged by color and I kept saying it, but was being told it was not the color or process it was just my hair. My gut said "no its not". A friend recommended Voga and I am soooo happy and thankful. I am still in the process of getting my hair back to normal, but I'm almost there, thanks to Danielle! I highly recommend this salon for all your needs." Gail G.