Color & Highlights


Achieving the right hair color requires a combination of creativity, great consultations, & an in depth understanding of color theory, chemistry, & hair structure.

Whether you have blonde, brown, red or black hair, we will coach you on what is possible, make recommendations to keep your hair healthy, & work with you to deliver a look you love.

In our consultations, we will look into pictures & expectations, go over your haircare & styling routine, discuss likes & dislikes about your current style, & review your color history. Our goal is to clearly understand your vision, so we can give you insightful advice & guide you to the look you desire.

Lastly, we will review options & pricing, & come out with the action plan to help you feel beautiful & confident. All our color services include a blowout & our signature styling coaching.



Color Corrections
Consultation Required
When color has gone wrong somewhere else, we will work with you to get you back to where you want to be.
A color consultation is required prior to booking corrective color services, so we can discuss expectations, come up with a plan, & provide you with a price quote.
Creative & Fantasy Colors
Consultation Required
If you are looking for fun, vibrant or pastel colors that you'd see in a rainbow, this category is for you!
This requires a consultation prior to booking the color service, so we can evaluate if your hair is a good fit for it, go over pictures & expectations, & come up with an action plan that works for you.
Color Applications & Gray coverage
Ideal for guests wanting a solid color all over, add dimension to highlights, & cover gray hair.
Foil Highlights with Custom Glaze
Ideal for guests wanting partial or full highlights that go all the way up to the root.
Our custom glaze gives our guests control over the tone of highlights they desire.
Balayage Highlights with Custom Glaze
Free handed partial or full highlights that smoothly transition from one color to another, & deliver a more natural look.
Our custom glaze gives our guests control over the tone of highlights they desire.
All Over Blonde with Custom Glaze
All over the scalp lightener application.
Our custom glaze gives our guests control over the tone of the lightened hair.
Color Remover/Extractor
Used for corrective color services. This process helps us remove excess or darker color molecules with minimal effects to the hair structure. It does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach, or peroxide.
Men's Camo Color Service
Ideal for men who are starting to get wisdom highlights, but who are not ready for the salt & pepper look.
It camouflages gray hair by giving it a translucid tint that delivers natural, younger-looking hair in just 20 minutes. It includes a signature shampoo & style.
Men’s Color Service
Full gray coverage color service.