Facial Waxing


Facial waxing is a great compliment to any salon service because you feel that you accomplish much more for your look with a lot less time!

Have you thought about how long it takes you to pluck your eyebrows? It hurts like a mother too, but the biggest challenge is shaping them! You do a little too much & you will pay for that for a long time!

Trying to pluck the baby hairs on your upper lip & chin is simply put torturous. Why put yourself through that pain? Let’s say you wax your upper lip every 4 weeks, well that comes down to less than 50 cents per day. So save your change & avoid the pain by letting us take care of it for you ladies.

In just a few minutes your brows, lip & chin could be smooth & hair free. The beauty of one & done…at least for a few weeks! We look forward to seeing you.









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