Hair Extensions


Unfortunately, there are many factors that work against us when it comes to keeping our hair long, voluminous & healthy looking: aging, hormonal changes, medications, surgeries, health issues, chemical services gone wrong, bad haircuts, and the list goes on.

To top it off, the process of growing your hair out is slow & frustrating (hair grows about half an inch per month if we do everything right, with many awkward stages in between), and most of the time once your natural volume is gone, it won’t come back.

But the biggest problem these issues create is that they lead to women having to wear a hairstyle they don’t love, & settling for not feeling beautiful, sexy & confident. We know what that feels like, & don’t want it for anybody.

We choose to specialize in hair extensions because we have seen what happens when we use them successfully to guide our guests through the process of falling back in love with the way they look. It’s nothing short from magical, like a light switch that gets turned on before us.

Hair extensions are not a good fit for everyone, because your hair must be healthy enough to wear them, to avoid further issues. But if they work for you, they can transform your life. Come in for a consultation & we will be happy to show you what hair extensions can do for you. We would love to be your guide!

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to book & receive hair extensions services.



Hair Extension Consultation
All hair extensions services require an in depth consultation to:
• Evaluate if the guest’s hair is healthy enough for them.
• Go over pictures and expectations for the desired look.
• Determine which extension system is the best fit for the guests needs & wants.
• Explain the maintenance & upkeep that comes with wearing them.
• Match hair extensions to the guest’s hair color & texture.
• Schedule a date & time to get the hair extensions applied.
A $25 non refundable deposit is required to book a consultation, and it will be applied towards the hair extension service balance.
Tape Hair Extensions
Starts at $189
We offer Hotheads & Hairdreams Tape Hair Extensions.
• FaceFrame Service - $189: Adds bulk around the face to help correct breakage areas, &/or adds pops of color without a chemical process.

• Fill-In Service - Starts at $247: Adds medium level of volume around the face & sides.

• Full Volume Service - Starts at $429: Adds maximum level of volume, all over.

• Lengthening service - Starts at $599: Adds maximum level of volume & up to 6-8" of length, all over.
Halocouture Hair Extensions
Starts at $337
Non-permanent, easy to wear system that transforms your hair by adding length & volume in a matter of seconds.
Micro-Link Hair Extensions
Starts at $479
A strand by strand system, where hair extensions are attached to the guest's natural hair using a micro, minimum impact ring, & without the use of heat or adhesives.

• Volume Service - Starts $489: adds maximum level of volume all over.

• Lengthening Service - Starts at $899: maximum level of volume, & up to 6-8 of length, all over.
Fusion Hair Extensions
Starts at $570
A strand by strand hair extension system where hair extensions are attached to the guests' natural hair using a revolutionary fusion technology that allows a full application service in only 1.5 hours, instead of the typical 4-6 hour fusion application.

• Volume Service - starts at $570: adds maximum level of volume all over.

• Lengthening Service - starts at $1119: maximum level of volume, & up to 6-8 of length, all over.