Haircuts play two important roles for your hairstyle: It shapes it & keeps it healthy.

Shape is what gives your hairstyle life & movement. It brings together your facial features, hair texture, personality, and fashion style, connecting all the dots to make it unique to you.

At the same time, a haircut is what keeps your ends healthy by preventing split ends from starting. Once split ends start, the only way to stop them is by cutting them off. If not, they will continue to move up the hair strand & make things worse. But if you prevent them from occurring, you can gain up to 6 inches of growth in a year.

Your hairstyle will introduce you before you speak, & we want to help you shape that introduction into one you love. Whether your hair is thin or thick, straight or curly, long or short, having a haircut that fits you makes all the difference in the world, and we would love to guide you to it.

All our haircuts include a blowout & our signature styling coaching, where we show you how to have fun with your new do.



CurlyGirl Haircut
Then we know something about you! You’ve probably had a bad haircut that gave you trust issues.
Because in addition to being gorgeous, curly hair requires a unique method to cut it & style it. Curls must be prepped, individually cut, and styled with the right process & tools.
When curls are loved, they will love you back, look full of life, and they will turn heads anywhere they go.

We specialize in curly hair because we love empowering curls to show their curves & bounce for you, so you can feel beautiful wearing them the way they were meant to be. This haircut is ideal for guests who wear their curls at least 70% or more of the time.
Women’s Haircut
We look forward to guiding you to a hairstyle that will make you feel confident & beautiful.
• Pixies & short, textured hair haircuts.
• Long, medium, asymmetrical & angled Bobs.
• Long layers, and split end clean-ups
Hair Extension Blending, Texturizing, & Dry Haircuts
The idea behind hair extensions is that they don't look like it, and the goal is to seamlessly blend them with the guest's natural hair. This service is already included with all our hair extensions services, but we also offer it for guests who have clip-ins, halos, or less than a month old hair extensions from other salons.
Men’s Haircut
We want to help you lose the hat, & gain the confidence that a good haircut brings you. We get it; you want it done quickly, with attention to detail, & to never skip on a good scalp massage with the shampoo. From fades & crew cuts to shaggy styles & mohawks, we are here for you!