2023 Hair Color Trends You're Going To Love For Spring

2023 Hair Color Trends You're Going To Love For Spring

It’s almost time to update your hair for spring, but if a new haircut isn’t quite what you’re looking for, new hair color may be just what you’re looking for. Your new color doesn’t have to be drastic like bright platinum or neon pink to have a big impact. Many of the shades that beauty industry experts are predicting to be trending for spring 2023 are more classic natural shades with a bit of a twist. You can expect to see a lot of reds in the spotlight this spring with shades of auburn, copper, and tangerine. You’ll also see warmer versions of expensive brunette as well as raven black which has a distinct gothic chic feel. And blondes will be sporting sunny golden hues that mimic the warmer weather. Here are eight of our favorite hair color trends that you are going to love for Spring 2023!

#1- Raven Black

The gothic chic aesthetic is having a major moment right now and that means that you will be seeing a lot of ultra-dark brunette hues. The most requested as we head towards spring is currently raven black. This jet-black color is the true embodiment of the gothic vibe. Favorite highlights for this shade will be crimson red, deep purple, and midnight blue, mostly as money piece highlights.

#2- Cool Brunette

Cool-toned brunettes are already starting to trend and will continue well past the change of seasons. The dark browns have not even a hint of red, gold, or warmth of any kind. These cool shades are great for showing off the natural sheen of healthy hair, and they require little maintenance, which is always a plus. You can enhance and maintain that healthy sheen with Kenra Luxe Shine Shampoo, Conditioner, and Kenra Silkening Gloss.

#3- Rusty Copper

Copper hair has been trending for a while now, and we think it’s the perfect shade to brighten your mood after a dark and dreary winter. With a rusty tinge, this color is grounded and earthy while still bright enough to command attention. Bright red shades are prone to fading more quickly than other colors, but you can maximize and extend the vibrancy of the color with Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. After all, you want your gorgeous red to last as long as possible.

#4- Soft Tangerine

If you want an absolutely breathtaking red, this is the one for you. This bold color easily catches the eye with its bright orangey red, but it has a muted golden softness to it that is simply stunning. Combine it with a peach gold balayage for a custom look.

#5 Caramelized Strands

Blondes and brunettes alike will be caramelizing their strands this spring. More and more people are gravitating towards more natural shades, and caramel creates a very natural look with a balance of both cool and warm tones. Keep your color-enhanced tresses smooth, strong, and healthy with a weekly Keune Care Color Brillianz Mask.

#6- Expensive Chestnut

Expensive brunettes are getting an update this spring. This is the best brunette color for those that aren’t a fan of the cooler brunettes of the season. A base of warm chestnut color that gradually lightens with strategically placed golden highlights is an irresistible shade to carry you into the warmer weather ahead.

#7- Classic Auburn

This member of the red color family is awesome because it incorporates brown undertones for a very natural, earthy color. You can expect to see this shade flooding your social feeds very soon. Red pigments are particularly susceptible to heat damage so it’s important to use Kenra Color Maintenance Thermal Spray every time you heat style or blow dry your hair.

#8- Sunny Gold

It wouldn’t be spring without golden sun-kissed blonde shades providing us with their rich, buttery warmth. You won’t be seeing many cool ashen blondes this spring, but instead plenty of warm, sunny colors. Eleven Make Me Shine Gloss Spray will keep your golden locks glistening like the sun.

When you’re ready to update your color for spring, don’t trust your tresses to just anyone. The expert colorists at Voga Salon are among the best in the business! We will assess your hair before we begin creating your new custom color to make sure we use the best products and processes to ensure that you leave us with the most gorgeous and healthy hair that you’ve ever had. You can give us a call at 913.685.1832 or download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to make an appointment, and ask about our best stylists. We are at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park.



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