What To Do When You Can’t Wax

What to Do When You Can’t Wax

Here’s the scenario. It’s been several weeks since you’ve been to the salon. It’s almost time for your waxing appointment, and either you or the salon has an emergency. Your appointment is cancelled. You can’t reschedule for a few more weeks. What can you do? Let’s take a look at some ways you can deal with the regrowth while you wait for your next appointment.

Avoid Shaving

If you can at all, avoid shaving. You’ve put the time in to keep up your waxing schedule and reap the maximum benefits. If you start shaving now you’ll lose the progress you’ve made and have to start over from square one.

Let It Grow

If you’re not going to be going out much, this would be a perfect time to just let it grow. The longer the regrowth, the easier and more effective your next waxing session will be. After all, if you’re going to be at home no one is going to see you except your family and/or pets. So just roll with it and have an awesome wax, later on, to kick off summer.

Conceal It

It’s easy enough to conceal body hair regrowth by wearing pants and tops with sleeves. No one will be the wiser. But how do you conceal facial hair regrowth? With the makeup of course! While makeup can’t make facial hair invisible, it can make it much less noticeable. First, apply a moisturizer in the direction of hair growth to flatten hairs against the skin. Follow with a primer/makeup setting spray. Choose a foundation with a satin or powder finish. Apply with a flat brush using a smooth downward stroke following the direction of hair growth. Apply powder in the same manner, and finish with setting spray to keep those hairs lying flat all day. If the hair is very dark and makeup alone isn’t enough, you could try a lightening cream or facial hair bleach. But spot test and use caution. These use harsh chemicals that can burn or irritate sensitive skin. 

Pull It Out

If you absolutely must remove the hair, do so in a way that mimics your waxing sessions by pulling the hair out from the root. You could use tweezers to pluck stray hairs or try an epilator. Just be careful, especially around your eyebrows, to only remove the regrowth. You could also try an at-home waxing kit, but be aware that these methods are less effective and more painful than salon waxing. So be prepared for multiple attempts and a fair amount of pain.

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