Easy After Swim Styles For Wet Hair

Easy After Swim Styles for Wet Hair

What better way is there to cool off on a hot summer day than taking a swim? But even when lounging around the pool you still care about how your hair looks. Here are some easy styles for wet hair that can help you leave the boring ponytail behind and always keep your hair looking great.

French Braided Bun

This style will add the illusion of volume to limp wet hair. Loosely French braid the top section of hair from the hairline to the crown. Next, gather the end of the braid with the rest of your hair and secure it into a bun at the crown.

Milkmaid Braids

This is a sort of boho look that is perfect for the beach. Divide hair down the center and braid starting just behind the ear. Cross and wrap braids around the back of your head and secure at the nape of your neck, tucking in the ends.

Loose Triple Stacked Buns

This style will look like you spent a lot of time on it with the added benefit of allowing your hair to dry faster than a tighter updo. Section hair from the front of the ear upwards towards the crown, twist into a loose bun, and pin in place. Section the mid-portion and repeat, and then continue with the nape section. The buns can be stacked in a straight line or offset a little to add visual interest.

Waterfall Braided Crown

If you want to leave your hair down but keep it out of your face, this is the style for you. Part your hair on top and start with a two-inch section from the part to the front hairline. Divide into three sections and pass the back section over the middle and then the front over the middle as with a traditional braid. Pass the back strand over the middle adding in another small section of hair. Repeat with the front section. Again add a small section of hair to the back and cross over the middle, but this time leave the front section loose and pick up a new section to cross over the middle. Continue this to the back of the head, repeat on the other side to meet in the middle, and secure.

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