Get Gorgeous Sun-kissed Color With A Beachy Balayage

Get Gorgeous Sun-Kissed Color With a Beachy Balayage

Don’t you just love the gorgeous sun-kissed color your hair has after a nice long summer beach vacation? No other color can quite compare, or can it? Actually, you can get that beautiful beachy color with balayage. You’ll have the look of someone who has spent an entire summer frolicking in the sun and waves, before you’ve ever even stepped foot on the beach.

Balayage Overview

To put it simply, balayage is a highlighting technique. Instead of using the traditional foils your colorist hand paints the color onto your strands in a sweeping motion. This technique produces gradient highlights that go from darker at the root to lighter at the tips, mimicking hair that has been naturally bleached by the sun over time.

Not Just for Blondes

Balayage is not limited by your hair color. Balayage looks just as stunning on brunettes and redheads as it does on blondes. This technique will work with any color, even fantasy shades. To keep the color low maintenance choose a color that is just a few shades lighter than your natural color. This way the roots will just blend in as your hair grows, and you won’t have to worry about the sun fading your color. The sun’s rays will simply lighten things up even more, and actually, help your roots blend in better. Fantasy colors will require a little more frequent touch-ups.

Beachy Waves Complete the Look

To complete your new look you’ll want some lovely beachy waves. There are a few ways to recreate the wavy windblown look. The easiest way is to braid damp hair at bedtime. When you wake in the morning you’ll be able to take the braids down and enjoy loose beachy waves all day. Another fairly easy method involves salt spray. Saltwater is part of what helps to create those waves you get after a dip in the ocean. Starting with slightly damp hair, spritz a salt spay evenly over your strands and start scrunching. Allowing your hair to air dry will work best, but if you need to speed things along set your hairdryer on low and use a diffuser while you scrunch.

The well-trained colorists at Voga Salon are experts in the balayage technique. We’ll help you choose shades that work well with your natural color and compliment your skin tone for a simply stunning color you’re sure to love. Give us a call at 913.685.1832 or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule your appointment today, and walk out with your own unique sun-kissed color. We’ll see you soon at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park.



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