Hair Extensions - Help For Hair Loss

Hair Extensions - Help for Hair Loss

It is estimated that around 21 million women in the US struggle with some form of hair loss. By age 60 about 80% of women will experience a noticeable loss of hair. Thinning hair can cause a real blow to your self-confidence. But there is help for hair loss with hair extensions.

Fill in the Thin Spots

Hair loss isn’t always uniform across the entire head. Often there are spots that are thinner than others. Extensions can fill in these spots to give you consistent thickness and cover those bare spots.

Restore Volume

With the loss of hair comes the loss of volume. You can add a few wefts of extensions for a little lift or add a lot to really pump up the volume. Hair extensions can give you natural-looking volume that is customized to meet your needs and give you just the look you want.

Give You the Length Back

The longer your hair is the more noticeable hair loss can be. So, many women opt for shorter hairstyles so as to not draw attention to their thinning strands. By filling in the gaps, hair extensions allow you to confidently wear longer hairstyles again. With a fuller and longer head of hair, you will also have more styling options.

Experiment With Color While You’re At It

While you’re at it this would be a great time to experiment with color. Use the extensions to add in some highlights or go for an ombre effect. Extensions allow you to change up your color without actually dying your hair.

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