Choosing The Right Salon In Kansas City

Choosing the Right Salon in Kansas City

Are you new to Kansas City and looking for a new hair salon? Or are you frustrated with your current hair stylist and think you need to make a change? Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to find a new salon to call home.

First, you may want to ask about how the salon structures its agreements with their stylists. Most salons in the Kansas City metro rent booths or suites, so their stylists are considered independent contractors. This gives the salon little quality control over the products that are used, and how the stylist chooses to run their schedule and business. With a salon that has employees, everything is streamlined so the stylist can focus on what they do best- cutting and coloring hair.

It’s also important for the salon to have a full-time desk person that focuses solely on customer service. This makes it easy to set or change appointments. If a stylist has to stop waxing your eyebrows to answer the phone, it’s not only disruptive, it takes away from the relaxing salon atmosphere that’s so important.

Take a good look around the salon. Is it open design or does it have private suites? Not only do suites allow you to have a better relationship with your stylist, they allow you to have all of your services in one place- without having to move stations. It’s more convenient and the privacy is priceless.

Be sure that the salon you choose requires (and hopefully provides) some kind of training and development program. Stylists only get the basics in school and continuing education is not required in either Kansas or Missouri. You want a place that values staying on top of new trends and keeping skills sharp.

Finally, choose a salon that uses and carries high quality products. They’re better for you and the environment. And, be sure to Google the salon to check out all the reviews. This will guarantee that you find a salon that’s a perfect fit for you.



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