The Top 7 Best Selections Of Attractive Hairstyles Popular This Autumn

The Top 7 Best Selections of Attractive Hairstyles Popular This Autumn

If you want some of the best hair styles this season has to offer, then look no further! Voga salon has a wonderful array of talented stylists that can offer a variety of hairstyles. You are sure to love whatever style you choose, and for your convenience, we have here listed just a few of the many wonderfully popular hairstyle trends this year.

Long Smooth N’ Sleek Ponytail

If you are someone who likes to put your hair up and keep it off your neck and out of your face then this is just the hairstyle that you need today! This hairstyle is not only elegant and classy, but it does not require a lot of work so you won’t be sitting forever in the chair. There is the added benefit of it being beautiful, and practical all in one.

Styled Modern Mullet

You have heard the phrase ‘business in the front, party in the back”, we are sure. It’s one of many old ways to refer to a mullet. And for good reason, we say. With a modern mullet look, you have classic short hair in the front, and long hair in the back style, but with choppy cuts and short, blunt-cut bangs. You can also choose a couple of different styles. The length of your long hair is completely up to you, and you can try getting a curly look with it too.

Cute Face Framing Bangs

Bangs are absolutely popping this season and you can get in on the fun with some wonderful face-framing bangs! These bangs hang down to about chin length, at either side of your face to give you a gorgeously trendy appearance. You can even pair this with an updo, ponytail, or anything else you can think of that you would want to try.

Trendy Beach Waves

If you like a more curly look then you might want to go for something like a trendy beach wave style. While these curls may not be as bouncy as a perm, they’re still a fun new way to spice up your everyday look without the commitment. These flowing wavy locks will remind you of the summers to come!

Accessorized & Fun Updo

Whether a low bun, a twist, or a knot, you can have a beautiful updo in minutes with a simple style and beautiful accessories! Adorn your updo with pearly clips, and decorated bobby pins, or even add some floral accents.

Sweet Voluminous Butterfly Haircut

If you want big, voluminous layers then this is definitely the cut that you should get. A butterfly haircut can create a butterfly effect on your hair- meaning of course, that the volume can make it voluminous to spread like a butterfly's wings. This is an elegant, girlish look you won’t want to miss out on.

Retro 70’s Layered Look

If you are looking for a look that is a little more of a throwback then why not try a classic 70’s layered look? This shaggy layered style is perfect for a casual girl just looking for a new everyday style. This look pairs particularly well with blonde coloring.

If you want to get a wonderful haircut that shapes your hair into just the right look, stop by Voga Salon. Give us a call at 913.685.1832 or download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist today. You’ll find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park. We look forward to seeing you!



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