How Hair Color Can Reflect Your Personality

How Hair Color Can Reflect Your Personality

The most important element when you’re creating a style is to make it reflect your individual personality. Color is the perfect way to make an individual statement, both in the clothes you choose and the hair color that complements your outfits. What kind of a statement does each color choice project? We’ve assembled a few ideas from the pros about how your hair color selection might reflect your personality.

Black/deep chocolate browns. Deep, dark colors are mysterious and exotic and reflect a quiet, confident personality. The depth is also reflected in your interests – including choosing an intense, deep conversation over light, superficial chatter.

Brunette. The traditional brunette is viewed as down-to-earth, a responsible, reliable person who makes a great friend. The brunette has a full plate but can take on those responsibilities with no problem because she is organized and results-driven.

Blonde. Blonde hair reflects a more relaxed, carefree personality that loves to party and enjoy life. Blondes are popular and love being the center of attention – and they often get it, as the color is associated with fun-loving femininity, which draws people in.

Red. Red is associated with fire, and people associate red hair color with a fiery temper and a fun, outgoing personality. Redheads are not afraid to express their opinions and don’t let anyone stop them from reaching their goals.

Fantasy/jewel colors. People who choose unique, bold colors like jewel tones or fantasy shades are outgoing, fun, and confident in their own personalities. They’ve chosen to be unique because they are – and individualism is their proud focus.

Your personality may be a combination of everything we’ve listed above. The fun part is that you can change up your color to suit your personality throughout your lifetime, focusing on your most outstanding traits each time you color your hair.

Hair color options are almost endless, with different techniques for highlighting helping you create a color that is unique for you. The most important element is a great colorist, because knowing how to get just the right shade is a valued art. If you’re ready for a hair color change, make an appointment today at Voga Salon. Our well-trained, professional stylists will create the perfect color to reflect the personality traits that are most powerful for you! You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park or call 913.685.1832. To instantly create your own appointment, try our convenient mobile app, available for download on iTunes or Google Play.



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