Bring Your Hair To Life With Extensions

Bring Your Hair to Life With Extensions

There are a number of variables that play into increasing your hairs volume and length. So many in fact, that it can make the process of getting your desired hair absolutely frustrating. But you don’t need to spend so much time trying to grow it out or increase volume with supplements and serums. Try hair extensions, they offer you your desired length and volume instantly. Here are the services we offer here at Voga Salon.

Tape Hair Extensions
Choose between Hotheads or Hairdreams Tape Hair Extensions to frame the face, add volume, or add length.

Halocouture Hair Extensions
This is a fast, easy to wear, and non-permanent system that transforms your hair by adding volume and length.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions
These hair extensions are attached in a strand by strand system using a micro, minimum impact ring. No heat or adhesive required.

Fusion Hair Extensions
This is a strand by strand system that uses revolutionary fusion technology to apply hair extensions strand by strand in only 1.5 hours, as opposed to the usual 4-6 hour application service.

At Voga Salon, a consultation is required before any extension services. It is a 30-minute appointment to assess if your natural hair is healthy and strong enough for extensions. If your hair is approved, we will then talk about the look you’re wanting. We will also inform you about the required maintenance you’re wanting. Finally, we will match the extensions to your natural hair’s color and texture.

Are you interested? Make an appointment today at Voga Salon and our well-trained, professional stylists will work with you to choose the perfect extensions and get you the look you deserve. Find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park, call 913.685.1832, or download our free mobile app to instantly book and manage your appointments. It’s available on iTunes or Google Play.



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