Get The Look Of Beachy Waves With A Blonde Balayage

Get the Look of Beachy Waves with a Blonde Balayage

There is just something magical and alluring about the sun-bleached tousled waves you get from the wind, waves, and sun at the beach. Want to achieve the same look with little effort and without all that time in the sun? You can with a few simple styling tricks and a blonde balayage.

Balayage is a method of highlighting hair by free hand painting the color onto the hair. This allows a gradual seamless transition of color from darker roots to lighter tips resulting in a very natural sun-kissed look. This provides the perfect base for your beach blonde waves.

Now that you’ve got the color, it’s time for the waves. There are a couple of methods to get those fun beachy waves quite easily. The first involves braiding your slightly damp hair before you go to bed. That’s it, seriously. Part your hair down the center and do a tight dutch braid down each side all the way to the tips. If you’re all thumbs and can’t braid, not to worry. You can get a similar effect by simply twisting two strands of hair together in the same method as for dutch braids. Just pick up a new small section of hair with each twist and continue twisting all the way to the ends. When you wake up, take out your braids and tousle your locks for the perfect waves.

The second method involves use of a salt spray. There are several great sprays available to purchase, or you can find a simple easy recipe online to make your own at home. To get the look, rinse your hair with cool water and allow it to air dry until just damp. Give your salt spray a good shake and start spritzing. How much you need to apply will depend on your hair type and texture and may take a little trial and error. Then just start scrunching. It’s best to air dry, but if you’re in a rush you can use a hairdryer on low with a diffuser while scrunching to speed the process along. Voila, beautiful sun-kissed beach blonde waves without all that time in the sun.

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