Preventing Split Ends: Tips From A Hair Stylist In Kansas City

Preventing Split Ends: Tips from a Hair Stylist in Kansas City

Are dry, split ends and hair breakage cramping your style? Learn about the top causes of split ends from one of the best hair stylists in Kansas City at Voga Salon, and find out how you can prevent breakage and grow long, beautiful hair!

Split ends: we all get them, and many of us know that there are some common rootcauses, like the excessive use of hot tools (e.g. straighteners, blow dryers) or detangling hair aggressively or without the right tools. However, what you may not know is that using hot tools and improperly detangling isn’t the number one cause of split ends. In fact, the number one cause of split ends and hair breakage is failing to get a regular haircut. With the help of Voga Salon’s own Danielle Seidel, a hair stylist in Kansas City who has over 6 years of industry experience, we are going to give you the most helpful tips to eliminate split ends and hair breakage from your hair for good!

What are the best split end avoidance tips from a professional hair stylist in Kansas City?

In order to properly avoid split ends, it’s important to know the key causes. As stated above, the number one cause of split ends is not keeping up with regular trims to your hair. If you are looking to grow your hair to beautiful lengths, the best way to do so is by seeing your favorite hair stylist in Kansas City at Voga Salon every 6-8 weeks! It is also important to note that it is essential to see your hair stylist in Kansas City for these regular trims rather than attempting to keep up with it yourself. Standard household scissors can be much more dull than a professional’s tools, and can result in frayed hair and even more split ends!

Other ways to prevent split ends include: making sure you use heat protectant when utilizing hot tools; using a wet brush or wide tooth comb when detangling your wet hair, as wet hair is most vulnerable to splitting; using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to gently squeeze excess water from hair after showering; and sticking to a healthy diet. Believe it or not, what you put in your body affects more than just your weight and overall physical health. Making sure you’re getting the right nutrients and proteins in your diet is essential to having healthy, growing hair.

What is the best routine to fall into to ensure elimination of split ends?

The best routine is to make sure that you are seeing your hair stylist regularly for haircuts! We always recommend tobook out your regular haircutswell into the future, so that you don’t have to worry about missing the necessary upkeep for your ends. Many people may be afraid of cutting their hair so frequently, especially if they are aiming to grow long hair, but any stylist will tell you that the best way to grow long hair is to cut it frequently. If you aren’t constantly getting rid of dry, broken ends, the hair continues to break and will never be able to grow past a certain length.

Additionally, you’ll want to pick up some key products from your hair stylist to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your hair healthy.

What products should one purchasefrom a hair stylist in Kansas City to manage split ends?

The best way to handle split ends is to keep the hair strong enough so that it doesn’t want to split in the first place. We recommend using hair care toolsthat are specifically designed for damaged hair. These will work to prevent further damage and bandaidthe split ends you already have. We recommend only using products sold at professional salons, like Voga Salon, for animportant reason: professional salons can guarantee that you are receiving authentic products, which are formulated with high less fillers, and high quality ingredients designed to help treat your concerns.

strenght cure familyThe Pureology® StrengthCure™ family (Shampoo, Conditioner, Split End Salve Treatment, and Fabulous Length) is a fantastic option to help prevent split ends and bandaid existing ones. This systemis proven to strengthen hair by nearly 97% after one use, and it is designed especially to target damaged hair. It is also important to use a weekly deep conditioner to lock in essential moisture. Pureology’s Hydrate Hydra Whip™ is a great tool to addmoisture back into your hair! It will fortify your hair and help you reduce breakage.

Hydra-WhipIf you’re ready to have beautiful, healthy hair while keepingyour split ends and hair breakage to a minimum, do not hesitate to come to see our professional hair styling teamat Voga Salon! Simply call the salon at 913-685-1832 today!

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