Say Good-bye To Thinning Hair With The Evolve Volumizer

Say good-bye to thinning hair with the Evolve Volumizer

If you have thinning hair, you’re not alone. Over 30,000,000 women suffer from thinning hair due to aging, hormonal issues, alopecia and thyroid problems. It’s also perfect for women recovering from chemotherapy. At Voga, we’re the only salon in Kansas City to offer the Evolve Volumizer– a wearable solution for fine and thinning hair. 

The Evolve Volumizer is a safe alternative for women with up to 50% hair loss at the crown. Unlike other products, there’s no glue or heat to attach the product and you do not have to shave your head. It’s attached with tiny micro-cylinders to your hair and you can wear it both day and night for up to twelve months.

Since the Evolve Volumizer is made from 100% natural hair, it’s soft to the touch and it moves like your own hair. It’s also easy to wash, style and maintain. And, it’s also heat resistant so you can continue to use your flat iron and blow dryer. 

Since the hair piece comes in a large variety of hair colors, and four textures,  it’s easy for our stylists to match it to your natural hair. The Evolve Volumizer is twelve inches long (close to shoulder length). Want longer hair? No problem, It works well with our extensions so we can customize a look just for you. 

Our professional stylists give you a personal consultation to make sure that the Evolve Volumizer is the right solution for you. The application appointment takes around 2 1/2 hours. After that, we’ll see you every four weeks for an appointment where we adjust the hair piece. 

The Evolve Volumizer gives you a more natural, healthy alternative to have the full head of hair that you’ve always wanted. And, it’s at a reasonable priced too! It’s a natural looking alternative that’s a perfect choice for women that want to say good-bye to their thinning hair forever. 



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