Great Summer Hairstyles

Great Summer Hairstyles

Can you believe it’s almost summer? Like most people, you’re probably going to be out enjoying as much of the summer weather as possible. Around the start of summer, a lot of people are wanting to change up their looks, be it wardrobe, makeup or hair. The options are endless and it can be hard to sort through them to find the one look that speaks to you. To make things easier, here are four popular haircuts for you to consider.

Tapered Cut
If short hair is what you like or you want to give it a try, here’s a stylish cut for summer. Short sides that with an abrupt transition to long hair at the top of the head. But not just an inch longer, you’ll want a lot of length to work with. You can style it with knots, braids, jewelry or leave it to show your natural textures off.

Textured Long Bob
The Long Bob, or Lob, has usually been seen resting at the base of the neck or just skimming the shoulders. It’s cut just long enough to be able to pull back so you can keep it out of your face. Add some textured layers to give it an intentionally messy and voluminous look when you style it.

Blunt Bob Cut
A blunt cut that rests at mid-neck or jawline without any layering. Wear it straight but if wanted, you can curl the ends up the smallest bit with a flat iron. For the part, you should either go for a center or a deep side part. To keep it from looking boxy your hair might need to be thinned out if it’s really thick.

Feathered Layers
Five this a try if you’re wanting to keep your hair shoulder length or longer. Light layering that starts at the jawline around the face. If your natural hair is straight you can use a curling iron to add a few loose waves throughout for added movement.

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