Makeup Trends Heading Your Way

Makeup Trends Heading Your Way

While hairstyles, hair colors and fashion seem to be the big three when it comes to style trends, makeup is just as big of a player on the fashion stage. Depending upon the current trend, makeup can either play a supporting role or be the star attraction. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep up with the evolution by trying out a trick or two before jumping in with both feet. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can put away your matte lip products. This year it will be all about shine. Yes, lip gloss is back. Fortunately they’re more up to date than they were back in middle school – less goopy and sticky. It’s now about shine and dimension rather than the fruity flavors, and they’ll do a great job at keep your lips properly hydrated, too. Taking it to a whole new level, you can also go for an ombre or glitter lip for a bold statement. Simply layer a satiny base beneath a dab of high glitter or shiny gloss right in the center of your lips.

To help keep the focus on that sparkly lip, let your face be fresh and radiant. Focus on getting your skin as healthy as you can, and then just let it be. For a bit of color, go pink. Opt for something sheer and high on the cheekbone, or as an architectural block on your eyelid. The tone will help keep your face looking fresh.

Liquid liner will still be the thing this year, but you’ll have a couple different looks from which to choose. Go black but keep it unfinished – use only in the center of the eye or degrade it on the bottom lash line. Think grunge or architectural. Another option is to use a more traditional line, but give it a super shine with a product that has a vinyl-like finish. Against a nearly nude, fresh face, it will simply pop.

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