Caring For Color-treated Hair

Caring for Color-Treated Hair

It’s so much fun to walk out of the salon with a gorgeous new hair color! It’s a great feeling, and you want to hang onto that for as long as possible. Thankfully, caring for your color-treated hair can be easy when you follow a few easy tips from the pros.

Washing your hair too soon after coloring can be a problem. Color penetrates deep into the hair strands, and this takes time to set. Washing too soon can remove some of the color, so it’s important to wait. Most pros agree that 72 hours is a good wait period. Be sure to ask your colorist if this will work for your hair, since you want to keep all that beautiful new color in place.

Heat is an enemy to color-treated hair, so use less heat when you can. Dial back the heat when showering, since hot water can affect your color. When styling, use heated styling tools less often. If you must use a blow dryer or other heated tool, use a color-safe heat protectant first. The sun is another source of heat, so choose hair products that contain a UV protectant.

Frequent washing can also be a problem. Not only does it affect your color, but washing can also remove beneficial natural oils that help keep your hair looking healthy. Most people, even those without color-treated hair, are washing their hair too often. Spreading out the washing to two to three days per week can help. If you want to feel refreshed in between washes, try a color-safe dry shampoo.

Conditioner, on the other hand, is a must. You can use conditioner even on the days you don’t shampoo to maintain soft, healthy looking hair. The trick is using the right product for your color and hair type.

Ask your colorist about the best sulfate-free products for your newly color-treated hair. Some options might include leave-in treatments or deep conditioners to repair and prevent damage, depending on your individual needs. Because everyone’s hair is different, it’s important to get the advice of your colorist to ensure you’re using the right products for you.

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