Microlink Hair Extensions At Voga

Microlink Hair Extensions at Voga

Microlink Hair Extensions at Voga:

Hair extensions are a great tool that gives customers options to explore and customize their look in many ways

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality hair extensions that minimize the impact on the integrity of their natural hair. Therefore, we only offer microlink, 100% human hair, Remy Cuticle, hair extensions. We are honored to be named Kansas city’s hair extensions specialists, servicing the whole Kansas city’s metro area, Overland Park, Leawood and Olathe.

– What are microlink/microring hair extensions?

They are a type of hair extensions that are attached to clients’ natural hair without the use of glue, heat or any harsh chemicals. These are attached using a aluminum alloy micro-ring that is safely fastened to customers natural hair. These hair extensions are designed to enhance clients’ natural hair by adding volume, high or lowlights (without the use of chemicals) and length.

– Why are microlink/microring hair extensions better than “Fusion” or “Tape” hair extensions?

  • Since no heat, glue, or harsh chemicals are used, this attachment method minimizes the likelihood of compromising the integrity of customers natural hair.
  • The safest place to attach hair extensions is near the root of the hair strands, close to the scalp. As hair grows, and the point of attachment moves farther from the scalp, the tension & stress generated by the bond can cause breakage and damage to the natural hair. Microring attachments allow the hair extensions to be repositioned and moved up close to scalp every 6 weeks. This feature makes our hair extensions safer, and allow them to last longer.

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