Red Carpet Hair Tricks

Red Carpet Hair Tricks

It’s that time of year again – awards season. Everywhere you look, there are images of A-Listers parading down swathes of red carpet. The fashions and the makeup and the hairstyles are almost more of a sensation than the movies, music and shows being celebrated. While most stars have a bevy of assistants looking after each element of their styles, there are some pretty basic tips and tricks that you can use at home to get your hair red carpet ready in no time, even if the only red carpet you’ll walk is the doormat at your office building.

If you have bangs, start styling them first preferably while your hair is still wet from the shower. Work a little mousse into towel-dried fringe and lightly blow dry using a downward angle and brush. Then, pin them gently first to one side, and after a few minutes to the opposite side. The result will be natural movement and just the right amount of bend.

And speaking of mousse, embrace it – don’t avoid it. But use it wisely, such as in the middle of your blow dry. Once your hair is partially dried, add it to the lengths of your hair and continue drying. Just before it’s completely dry, brush it out with a paddle brush to boost both volume and shine. It will act like a setting lotion if you’re going on to add curl or waves with heat styling techniques.

Layers are all around us at the moment, but sometimes you want them to be sleek and well behaved. Consider using a styling wax rather than a cream to get a stronger hold. This also works great on those little baby hairs that like to stand straight out from your head.

For a complex style, use a small elastic at the completion of every step for added security. This will keep loose ends and short layers in check and give you the sleek results you want. Opt for those smaller, crystal clear elastics so they’ll just disappear into your completed style.

These are just a few of the secret styling tricks you can use, and the styling team here at Voga Salon can teach you even more of them. We want you to enjoy the experience and love the results every time you visit. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park, or give us a call on 913.685.1832. If you want to make your own appointment instantly, use our convenient mobile app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.



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