Have Healthy Hair All Winter Long

Have Healthy Hair all Winter Long

Winter weather can damage your hair and skin, leaving it dry and lusterless. The dry chill of Kansas winterrequires you to put in a little extra effort to maintain healthy, beautiful hair. We have simple tips for you to follow to help reduce dryness and prevent breakage.

Treating your hair with a deep conditioner will restore moisture in your hair. Our Power Dose and Chemistry Shot treatment have beneficial proteins for your hair. Heat is applied to open hair shafts and allow conditioner to enter and repair cracks. Our stylists also recommend take-home treatments (such as the Superfood masks by Pureology or the Heatcure mask from Redken) to continue salon quality care at home.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, but you should take the time to trim your hair regularly. You'll get rid of those split ends and help keep your locks soft, silky and beautiful. It's best to trim your hair about every four to six weeks. Treat your ends to some extra love with Serie Expert's Nutrifier DD Balm, a deep nourishing balm designed to smooth and protect the most fragile parts of your hair.

There’s also ways to help minimize damage to your hair from the harsh winter weather at home:

Wash your hair less because washing hair too often dries it out. We recommend a dry shampoo, such as TechniArt's Fresh Dust in between washes to keep hair looking and feeling clean.

Also, be sure your hair is completely dry before going outside in the cold air as it makes hair brittle and breaks easier. An air-dry cream can be beneficial on days you're not using a blow-drier or hot tools Redken's Airy Cream is great for shortening dry time and taming wayward natural hair.

While the heater in your house helps keep you toasty warm, it dries out your hair. You can use a humidifier in your house to lessen the effects, as well as adding Mythic Colour Glow Oil to your haircare routine for moisture and shine.

Keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy this winter. Our stylists at Voga Salon are ready to help keep your hair looking lustrous this winter. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park, or give us a call on 913.685.1832. If you want to make your own appointment instantly, use our convenient mobile app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.



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