Professional Haircare Products For Healthy, Soft Hair

Professional Haircare Products for Healthy, Soft Hair

You love the way you look when you step out of Voga Salon, and you want that feeling to last for weeks. To keep that professionally styled look, the best thing to do is care for your hair with some of the same products the pros use. Here are some of the reasons why professional haircare products are the best choice for your hair.

Supermarket hair care brands usually seem cheaper, but in the long run, you’ll fare better getting the same products the pros use. In many cases, generic brands water down their formulas so they can get more bottles for the batch, while professional brands are usually concentrated formulas that require smaller amounts to get the job done.

Supermarket brands also tend to use harsh chemicals to make their products seem more appealing, for example, by adding more high-lather detergents, and those chemicals can damage your hair. Excess detergents dry out your hair by stripping away too much of its natural oils. Supermarket brands often use damaging sulfates, that can be particularly problematic for color-treated hair. Ultimately, you’ll spend more money repairing the damage from frequent shampooing with harsh ingredients than using a professional blend with fewer, more natural ingredients.

Professional brands have consistent pH values, compared to store-bought brands that vary significantly. Products with the correct pH levels are gentler on your hair. Professional brands also have better, deeper conditioning ingredients than their store-bought counterparts, which better protects and hydrates your hair to keep it soft and healthy-looking.

Finally, using products that were personally recommended by your stylist are safer because your stylist knows your hair well and can recommend the best products to care for it. At Voga, our stylists are “hair nerds,” obsessed with helping your hair look and feel its healthiest. We sell the same products our stylists use every day to create that special feeling when you walk out of the salon.

Buy the products you need for that fresh-from-the-salon look every day at Voga Salon. Ready for a new style? Make an appointment today and our well-trained, professional stylists will create the perfect look for you! You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park or call us at 913.685.1832. To instantly create your own appointment, try our convenient mobile app, available for a free download on iTunes or Google Play.



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