Motives Moment – Essential Brow Kit

Motives Moment – Essential Brow Kit


We’ve decided tochange things up a bit when it comes to our weekly Motives Cosmetics makeup tutorial. In place of sharing a weekly “look” we are going to spotlight specific Motives productstoexplain their benefits, the application processand just how they will make your life a bit easier.
Every Tuesday we will share with you a makeup toolto help you elevate your makeup to that next level! We will cover everything fromwhy you should be using a primer to how to best utilize abeauty blender. Enhance your daily makeup routine through these simple tools, tips and tricks!
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Meet The Essential Brow Kit • $32.95

This complete kit is for expertly shaping, grooming and defining your brows. This thoughtfully designed, convenient kit contains two colors, a sculpting wax, brow brush and mirror.

This photo shows just how dramatic of a difference the kit can make, the left side is natural and the right is filled in using the kit.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Essential Brow Kit:

There are so many different ways to take advantage of this kit, so this is just one way to get a more full and shaped brow.
1. Mix some of the Wax included in the kit with the powder matching your natural brows best (or simply mix both to receive a matching shade) & use it to outline the natural shape of your brows. You may correct the arch or thickness/length of your brow shape.
2. Fill in the outer part of your brow with the matching shade of powder
3. Fill in the rest of the eyebrow. You may use a lighter powder or use a brow comb to brush the color in for a more natural look.
4. Use the Eye Base to clean up your brows. You may also use a concealer matching your skin color if the Eye Base should be too light.
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