Perfect Your Look With Eyebrow Shaping

Perfect Your Look with Eyebrow Shaping

Mask mandates have created some unique challenges in the quest for beauty. After all, it can be difficult to feel pretty when half your face is covered. The key is to make the most of your other features to take the focus off the mask and allow your beauty to shine through. One way to play up your visible features is with eyebrow shaping. The right brow will accentuate your eyes and perfect your entire look.

Which Shape Is Right?
To choose the brow shape that will perfectly flatter your features you must first determine your face shape. There are five basic face shapes and everyone will fall into one of these categories- oval, round, square, diamond, and heart. Choosing the right brow will create a flawless frame for your face and compliment and balance your features.

Oval - You’ve heard of neutral colors. Well, oval is neutral in terms of face shapes. Those with an oval face need only avoid very high arches with their brows to avoid appearing stretched. Otherwise, they can rock pretty much any brow shape they’d like. So experiment to find a shape that you prefer. A brow with a medium arch and soft angle would be a great place to start.

Round - If you have a round face you will want to steer clear of rounded arches. They will emphasize your curves and give your face a ball-like appearance. Strongly angled arches will provide the structure needed to achieve balance.

Square - Softening the angles is the goal for a square face. A curved brow with a mid to high arch will add the illusion of length as well as smooth out the corners. Avoid angles in your brows which will make your face appear boxy.

Diamond - Diamond faces have a wide jaw and can be either long or short, so there are a few things to consider. Go with a curved brow to soften the angles and narrow the jawline. Choose a higher arch to lengthen a shorter face or a low arch to shorten a longer face.

Heart - With a heart-shaped face you’ll want to avoid sharp arches that can make your chin appear pointed. Softly rounded arches will bring harmony without emphasizing the angles.

With the holidays fast approaching it’s the perfect time to schedule an eyebrow shaping at Voga Salon. Our waxing experts will help you choose the perfect brow to flatter your eyes and other features. Give us a call at 913.685.1832 or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to reserve your appointment. You can find us at 13357 West 135th in Overland Park.



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